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I had some time to myself on the weekend. Re mounted the fuel tank which was sealed with POR15, put the fuel taps in and thought why not try the 38mm Amal to see if it still leaks. The float needle (new Viton tipped didn't seal in its seat. I recently secured a well used 38mm Concentric MK2 which had been on "Alky" and had the fuel inputs hogged out to increase fuel flow.
Most importantly what it did have was a solid brass float needle seat (rather than the pressed brass one), so I switched float bowls.

Lo and behold flooding problems solved. turned on fuel - (both taps) filled the tank (to check it wasn't leaking anymore, choked it and second kick and away she went.


Some things take persistence which means the Mikuni has been put away whilst I check jetting for the Amal.

Does anyone have their own jetting specs for the Amal? - 38mm MK2 on MK11 250 reed valve Frontera

Introductions / Thumbs Up! Greeting from new member
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:43:34 AM »
I would like to introduce myself to all the OzVMX community.
Around 2 years ago I acquired a Bultaco Model 214 - Frontera 250 MK11 in "running condition. The bug bit and I also acquired a 215 (370MK11) without Head, carby exhaust, piston etc.

The Idea was to use the parts off the 215 to complement the 214. This has since changed with a 38mm flat slide Mikuni temporarily solving the flooding issues with the Amal work is commencing on getting the 370 running also whilst modifying the 250.

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