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General Discussion / AMA Vs MA controlling bodies
« on: February 20, 2020, 05:55:08 PM »
yesterday i saw that the Bendigo Motorcycle club in Vic' (a big club and also one that has been around for a long time) has now affiliated with AMA and severed ties with MA. up until now the AMA was only getting smallish clubs across to them.

i no longer race and doubt if i ever will again, i am not up on the politics of all this either.

i know little about the AMA but there seems to be a ground swell moving away from MA due to the high price of fees for meeting and insurance.

so the more clubs that move away will increase the premiums from the underwriters to gain insurance for MA events, my take is this will be a downward spiral and eventually MA will cease to exist and will fold. what will then happen to tracks like broadford etc ?

anyone got anything to add?

i was watching the Charles Bronson Movie "The Mechanic"  released in approx 1972 the other night
there is a few scenes with some great looking Red tank Husky's in them (4 identical bikes in total)
anyone know what models they are?

i'm guessing WR400 as i know nothing about Husky's?

General Discussion / OZVMX - History / What year did it start ?
« on: April 19, 2019, 10:30:52 AM »
i have been a bit quiet on here of late, but then again so has many others.

i just got to thinking when did the forum start, it has a history i'm guessing back to 2000's era, it got hacked by the Ottomans and others from memory. its glory days of high activity are past due to other media (like spacebook) buts its always been a great resource of collective knowledge.

i miss the incredible resto's that members like Doc used to post up, the suzuki footpeg thread,
the "VMX version of war and piece" - The Sprite/alron saga and other crazy stuff.

General Discussion / Gas BBQ conversion to natural gas
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:01:18 PM »
Any of you blokes have experience with converting a bbq from lpg to to natural gas.

I bought a generic kit for the regulator hose and bayonet fitting
But jet sizes are different thread. I know you drill them out but how do you know the size. Lpg jet sizes are 0.91mm and 0.96mm

Anyone know what year a pw 80 is with frame and engine prefix 21W ?

VMX Mag subscribers has Anyone got latest issue yet ?

is it out at newsagents yet?

This forum has a wealth of knowledge amongst its ranks, not only vmx but of many topics you could ever imagine someone will know something. so with this in mind i thought this maybe worth a try.

I have a 2009 V6 Toyota Kluger that has developed an intermittent problem. 150,00 km on the clock one owner (Us)

It occasionally has Blue smoke coming out the exhaust but not all the time.

:- Some mornings (but not all, it’s very intermittent) a big puff of blue smoke on initial start but then it clears very fast.

:- After prolonged freeway driving (100kmh) and then pulling onto an off ramp to a standstill, and then mild acceleration a large plume is seen which then clears very quickly.

This is very strange and the intermittent nature of this has me confused. I was thinking valve stem seals at first but then I would think that the issue would be every cold start (but this is not the case)

all replies appreciated.


General Discussion / NOT VMX - Yamaha WR450 electrical question
« on: January 12, 2017, 07:58:32 PM »
Ok Here goes, need some technical help from Yamaha Men. especially if you have a later model WR450

A mate has a YZ450 mx'er he has recreational rego'd, he has bought the WR450 starter and electrics for it but apparently the WR450 has a tilt switch which sends a signal to the CDI to inhibit starting if the bike is not upright.

He has done some research and found that most guys just glue the switch in position (to simulate upright) and this cures it. he does not want to do this and would rather "bridge it out" now this seems simple enough but apparently you cannot just short the signal wire to "Earth" or "Supply" it need a small voltage above ground for a start signal and if its at supply this also inhibits it ( so its like a fail safe system)

i hope someone can help with the following so i can make up a circuit to supply the CDI with the correct signal.

- how many wires to the tilt switch (i am assuming 3)
- what is the color of the Supply wire
- what is the color of the Earth wire
- what is the color of the Signal output wire from the tilt switch
- What is the supply voltage (with respect to earth) to the tilt switch

Tech Talk / 1985 CR500RF CDI ? need some brain storming here.
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:31:12 PM »
Ok here goes.

My 1985 Honda CR500 will not start. last fired it up October last year (2015) and raced it for a meeting washed it then stored it. no issues at last meeting.

i have the following spares which i have tried every combination and process of elimination

- Spare stator complete with pulse coil (both the spare and one originally on bike - check out to spec's in manual for ohms and also insulation resistance test between coil and ground shows infinity)
- spare ignition coil (both the spare and one originally on bike - primary and secondary check out to spec's in manual for ohms)
- Spare flywheel
- Spare CDI
- all earth's are good, frame has not been powder coated or painted
- trigger Pulse coil gap to flywheel is in spec.

- yes i have disconnected the kill button.

i have no or a weak spark when pushing kick start down rapidly by hand.

if i spin flywheel over with my battery drill with 1/2" square drive and socket (plug out and on head) i get spark but a bit weak i reckon (from both CDI's and ignitions coil combinations)  and i get an output of approx 45 Vac direct from both of the stator coils i have.

i am thinking i have 2 poor condition CDI's (breaking down). once under compression i reckon i have no spark at all.

i did manage it get it fired once (with start ya forker) and once warm - it responded, revved hard and was crisp so no issue there, a good reliable spark once running. it was run for a good few minutes and up to running temp. i shut it down to check some things and tried in about 5 minutes could not get it fired again or since.

your thoughts?

i have a meeting this weekend but looks like i may miss it. i took a leap of faith and bought a aftermarket CDI for this model but i don't think it will make it from the USA in time.

anyone know of a place that will repair an OEM CDI ( encapsulated in resin ) i have seen a few that look like they have been done before.

General Discussion / 1985 CR500RF CDI ?
« on: August 21, 2016, 06:22:37 PM »
Does anyone on here have a 1985 CR500RF CDI for sale, i may need one soon to make a race meeting in 4 weeks.

Please PM me if you do

General Discussion / My First Open MX Race - what was yours ????????????
« on: January 22, 2016, 12:50:54 PM »
going though some stuff the other day and found my trophy for my first Open race. i had done 1 or 2 club Mx's back in very late 70's (1979 i think).

for me it was the Hotly contested (3 rider  ;) ) 1982 Kinkuna Festival "Fourstroke class" hosted by the Lakes Entrance Club in Victoria. i never really had a desire to race at all before this meeting but as my mates were going i got a Licence and entered on my 1980 Yamaha TT250G "the first one" ( it was an evil handling slow bloody thing looking back now). anyway i went 1st, dnf (mechanical failure), 1st for 2nd place overall on what was a great track and one of my all time favorites.

That was it i was hooked!

 for the next 12 years i did every race meeting i could in MX, enduro's, dirt track, MX sidecar (passenger on Norton 850 & Yamaha 880 twins and rider on KTM540), Desert races, Speedway solo (Weslake Mk IV). Then i bought a house had a few lean years out of racing but still rode and then a come back to VMX in 2003.

I have met life long mates in this sport and had the best time ever. would do it all again in a flash.

What is your experience.

General Discussion / GMC develops new Honda CR60 Pipe
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:23:43 AM »

General Discussion / ?
« on: April 23, 2015, 07:56:55 PM »

General Discussion / Euro bikes - Husky
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:54:53 PM »
ok i been reading a bit on here about Huskies. i have never ridden a Husky and starting to wonder what the attraction is?
i Know Big K is converted. tell me what the appeal is.

Yes i am serious.

Honda / Honda - OEM Online parts - Where ?
« on: February 24, 2015, 07:54:21 PM »
ok Honda men, i normally get my OEM Honda parts over the counter, yes i am a bit old school but now need to come forward a bit.

Where do you get your OEM parts online? Links please?

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