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British (BSA, Greeves, Triumph etc) / Re: New (old) Project
« on: March 09, 2018, 12:53:23 PM »
Top shock mounts rearward,
Chain adjustment at s/arm pivot,
Oil tank in backbone 4/stroke,
Engine cradle mounts looks like it would house a BSA engine?
Long backbone,

Could it be a very early BSA/CCM?

Me too,,spewing,, bashed up rib cartilage,, everytime I get up and about? I wish I had of stayed in bed  >:(

General Discussion / Re: Chinese are coming along
« on: February 24, 2018, 10:18:12 PM »
Billet CNC hubs and nipples ??
Not a bad looking bike for the money though, wonder if they'll be ADR compliant...

Would be worth a try if they do?

So with a proven engine design, reliability depends on quality control, like,, "class of fits",
"Metallurgy" and "electronics" for control, such as electrically operated power valve,,,

I personally love the vacuum operated PV, like on Maico's and KTM's etc

General Discussion / Re: Chinese are coming along
« on: February 24, 2018, 10:10:28 PM »
Engine Based on Yamaha DT230, apparently they bought the entire DT230 engine production line of Yamaha.

That sounds very lucky.... that one, very lucky :o
So loud when it happens. Spectacular releasse of energy when it goes down.

We got off light with this one. In the last one it was bigger than Texas, it blew over 150 meter boxes to peices... It didn't just fire the light globes out of my ceiling it actually fired the baynet socket fittings out of the gyprock. Power GPOs out of walls, fried everything. Took them over four days to get us up and running again that time, without meters for weeks 8) . They rebuilt all our boxes with smart meters etc ...only 6 hours out on this one...

A magpie blew that big transformer in the first pic 15 years ago.
 He had a nice warm buzzy nest up in the top of it. Used to think your flirting with danger mate.... anyway what happened, he had found a nice piece of wire and took it home to adorn his nest... kablamo! Feathers over a hundred foot radius  ;D

 ;D ;D yeap thats probably it Husky... not game to tell the neighborhood that I've been poking fate in the eye ::)
Amazing how a couple of 11,000 lines come down and multiple suburbs black out.. no one hurt

UNBELIEVABLE, I must be like a jinks. .. the 11,000 volts on the corner just blew and came down onto the 415 three phase house hold supply network again :o whole suburbs out..every ones out in their pajamas. .... we are turning back into a third world country

Maico / Re: Maico GS 250
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:41:27 PM »
Hi Hoppy, are you building the engine your self? Have you dismantled it?

 ;D  ;D Well that's right Geoff.... lots to be happy about...lot's of good things have happened in sheds too  ;D  :o


Yeah yeah... a couple of blackouts.... lost two freezer contents, twice. Inconvenience was the least. .. fired all of the light globes and sockets out of the ceiling in one event.... yada yada yada..

So I  knew if I bought this aldi genny that it would be cheaper and less way less inconvenience in the long run..... drag it out. Fuel it.. run it... drain it every few months... just like tonight... so when no shit happens? Reverse Karma .... dont forget to think.... thanks mick ::)

Maico / Re: 1974 maico
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:48:59 AM »
Amazing skills there Husky.

Spoke to Geoff, showed him some genuine original Maico items.
His opinion is similar to Maicosammler's.

Geoff said straight away it's too thin to be more than one coat. Too thin to be layered up from multiple coats.
He said most car wheel silvers on steel are single coat applications. Less prone to chipping than thick composition of multiple coats.

Maico were proudly producing bikes under the 100Kg mark.
Why then would they add a build up of three layered WEIGHT for a so called works bike?
Doesn't make any sense. Someone may have done it since? I doubt it would have been Maico.

I am with Geoff, Maicosammler and my own "firsthand" experience on this one.
Incidentally, I have most color Maicos. Geoff had given me a VW color chart years ago, misplaced ATM.
I checked every color at the time, There was/is a silver on it that matched perfectly,,, probably the wheel silver?

General Discussion / Re: Sponsors
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:31:16 PM »
there is no politician who has a big enough set of kahoonas to take on the welfare system. the people who vote for a living far outnumber the people who WORK for a living........

Ha,   You'll be on the que too if this Vegan thing catches on  ;D ;D ;D ;D 

General Discussion / Re: Sponsors
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:29:07 PM »
One of the only charities who gives 80% of the gross income they make to the people they say they represent is the Salvo's. A lot of so called charities give under 10%. The church in most cases is under 1%. If It was up to me I would remove the charity status from anyone who didn't give at least 75% and make them pay company tax rate at 30% including the Church. I reckon you could fix up a few schools and Hospitals with that money.

Where's the LIKE button when you need one.

Maico / Re: 1974 maico
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:48:36 PM »
There is a very old retiring paint expert opposite me. I will give him an original NOS Maico Silver piece during the week and leave it with him for a return opinion without briefing him on this discussion. He can scrape it, sand it, do what he like with it to give me his impression.

This guy is a master paint and panel genius of exotica. I have watched his work for exactly thirty years.
The rarity of the vintage bikes and cars has been phenomenal.

Ok to speak of it now Security wise, because he is into his seventies, emptied the joint and retired.
I watched him with an "English Wheel" Make/fabricated and sat there with a mask on and watch him oxy weld aluminium panels on those Austin Healey bugeye sprite things etc. Such a genius talent.
Very sad to see him retire, I will miss his company and knowledge immensely.

He is old school.
He is the reason I can Oxy Weld Aluminium.   

Maico / Re: 1974 maico
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:21:18 PM »
Incidentally I bought that Silver paint from Aldi with one thing in mind. To see if it was a close match
to those silver Maico frames? It is!

Obviously another thing that I never got around to.

I Should have done a test and then left it out in the weather to see how it stands up. By spraying a fine grey etch on to a mechanically etched surface, as it dries to touch, spray it straight away with this Aldi silver and as it dries to tachy dry, spray it again with that new Expensive HARD clear rattle can that Supercheap Auto sell.

Don't Know if they are compatible products to mix/apply, but the color of this Aldi Silver is a near to perfect color Match.

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