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Free to good home thread.
« on: March 03, 2023, 10:44:44 AM »
Frome time to time I acquire stuff that I either have excess or won't need (in the foreseeable future), so I figure someone should get the use of it. I better get myself sorted to be able to post pics here (yeh I've been a bit slack). Now I've thought of doing this, I'll go digging for more.

I have 30 pieces of the following bushes, if anyone can use some, I got them to bush 14mm ID shock bushes to 12mm.

Material: low carbon steel outer with oil impregnated Bronze inner.
Appearance: Copper plated
Inner Diameter:12mm/0.47"
Outer Diameter:14mm/0.55"
Size: 12mm(ID)x14mm(0D)x25mm(L)/0.47x0.55x0.98Inch

Have a nice day :-)
Johnny O - Tahition_Red factory rider.