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Wanted / Re: Dick Mann DR 370 frame
« Last post by cloggy on January 17, 2018, 09:25:19 PM »
He made 4 TT versions. He stated that clearly in VMX 10 and he emailed me the same info. The three versions nonsense comes from one particular comment  on this website.
 On that website is also Dick Mann's byline from VMX10
 but Les didn't read it and only recently has accepted that there are four, after I've sent him several photos of different mk4s. He hasn't updated that website for possibly a decade. MK4 looks like the Honda version and came after it . Both have the swingarm shocks more vertical and are the only frames to have the swingarm pivot plates inboard of the frame rails. All others have them outboard.
Husqvarna / Re: 1982 Husky 430 minimum piston ring gap?
« Last post by DJPresto on January 17, 2018, 08:14:26 PM »
You are correct. 4 to 5 thou inch per inch of bore is fine. Use a piston to make sure ring sits square to the bike when measuring the gap. Measure 0.5 inch down from top of bore in running area of the ring. If bore is new then can measure where Husky manuals shows. If gap is too tight the bike can nip up due to ring seizure. Has happened to my Husky 500 and was easily fixed.

Thanks for the input!  :)
Suzuki / Anyone want two 1969 TS250s...?
« Last post by James P on January 17, 2018, 06:24:49 PM »
I came across these (well, one of them) during a visit to a wrecker recently. I'm not sure how rare they are, but it was the first time I had actually seen one in the flesh (or metal at least ;D ). A quick check of Ebay revealed quite a few NOS parts available from USA. One bike is missing a flywheel rotor, but I must have seen at least five of these on offer on Ebay!

The wrecker (Mark Collins of The Motorcycle Wreckers, North Richmond, NSW) has two bikes; one at the shop and one at home. Each one is missing a few smaller parts. I was tempted, but decided that I already have too many projects and not enough space. I have no financial interest in these bikes, but am happy to recommend Mark as a helpful guy with reasonable prices and a fair amount of stock from 70s and 80s off-road bikes. Asking price for the TS250s is $1000 for both ($500 each).

I took a few photos of the bike he had at the shop and he sent me a couple more of the one he has at home. I'd be happy to pass these on to anyone interested by e-mail, or you can contact Mark directly. This is a link to the Suzuki section of his website, where you can see one photo of each bike:

Wanted / Re: Dick Mann DR 370 frame
« Last post by mick25 on January 17, 2018, 06:00:58 PM »
I’m in talks at the moment with a guy that has a NOS Dick Mann frame never used
He made three versions of the TT500 frames , bit of history .
Vinduro / Re: Vintage Class A4DE
« Last post by 80-85 husky on January 17, 2018, 11:01:01 AM »
the shox arnt stuck down on Norms bike???
Maico / Re: Maico 490 Corte Cosso Shock Rebuild - Contacts
« Last post by 80-85 husky on January 17, 2018, 10:59:59 AM »
ive got two in bits for the moto villa.. nice to know there are options out there
Tech Talk / Re: Fork leg straightening
« Last post by craigclayton on January 17, 2018, 10:23:49 AM »
Well managed to sort it, I bought a brake honing tool from the local car parts shop. I identified where it was sticking and honed from that point down. 30 minutes of honing, cleaning and then checking and now fixed.
Thank you all for your help
Maico / Re: Maico 490 Corte Cosso Shock Rebuild - Contacts
« Last post by YSS on January 17, 2018, 09:54:26 AM »
We offer three options :
12.5 mm shaft assembly without rebound adjuster ,O-eye  bumstop , Endcap , 36mm seal block ,36mm MX piston
12.5 mm shaft assembly with rebound adjuster ,O-eye, bumstop , Endcap , 36mm seal block ,36mm MX piston
16 mm shaft assembly with rebound option , O-eye ,bumstop , Endcap , 36mm seal block ,36mm MX piston
Can be fitted with rubber bushes or upgraded to bearings , depending on budget .
General Discussion / Re: CZ Project
« Last post by Mick D on January 17, 2018, 09:20:07 AM »
Or maybe the site owner could raise funds toward such by selling some advertising space to allied industry?

Like Ballards MX store or bike trailer manufacturers etc, for example etc etc?
Wanted / Re: Dick Mann DR 370 frame
« Last post by cloggy on January 17, 2018, 09:16:21 AM »
I've contacted the owner and he's sent another couple of photos, enough to see that it is indeed a DMS 370 but nothing more. It's a rolling wreck. Still has the DMS style exhaust on it. Looks to have the  mk2/3 style swingarm and canted shocks. In the only comment I've read Dick Mann stated that he got these and the Honda made in '79, which is odd as the swingarm and frame design are different. I can only assume he had the 370 version made in early '79 and the Honda late: but then in that VMX 10 byline he also stated he made 25 of each and according to this thread he recently stated he made less than 10 DRs. Anyway the Honda and mk4 TT500 frame appear to have the same swingarm and a very similar shock placement and frame design and mk4s were made up to 81. I've located four of them. One a show queen in the current VMX72 wrongly ascribed as a mk2, one turned into a roadbike, one in Portland with a cracked headstock and a  bodged repair, and mine. Mk3s seem even rarer.
Anyway I'm hoping to go and see the DMS 370  this summer, or at the very least get some better shots of it.
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