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It's on again! Bigger and better than before, the ultimate weekend away for enthusiasts of old dirt bikes.
Running over the weekend of 9,10 & 11, March 2018 so book your holidays now so you don't miss out.
Massive Show n Shine for Restorers and Collectors of Pre-95 dirt bikes and older. This year we had over 200. Judged by a panel of 6 learned judges 17 Classes to enter with Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class.
2 x Euro Style Grass Tracks open Saturday & Sunday for more riding that your old bodies can handle.
Riverside camping on lush green grass that grows right to the banks of the Mighty Hawkesbury River.
Live Rock n Roll Band Saturday night in the HQ Marquee.
Great Home Cooked style food on offer and much more.
If you are a fan of old dirt bikes, this is a Dream Weekend to put on your calendar.
Event location: 312 River Rd Lower Portland NSW 2756

General Discussion / 13 New Forum Members in September - Good to see
« on: October 06, 2017, 06:10:53 AM »
Beginning to see a steady increase in new members and daily visits to the forum. Great to see. Last month in addition to a few more Aussies we picked up a few new members from the UK, one from Canada, one from NZ and a few from the US as well. Welcome all and enjoy the forum.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Maitland track is no longer available for this round. The Smith family at Dargle have come to the rescue and are making Dargle Motocross available to us. A new Classic Bike friendly track layout has been licensed just for our club and at this meeting we'll get a chance to test it out. Online entry will be open in the next few days

Strange request! Anyone have a 78,79 CR250 I can borrow or hire for 2 weeks? Or is there one for sale? Need to test and tune an engine

Wanted / Looking for NOS Piston for a 78-80 CR250 - 13100-467-000
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:03:49 AM »
You never know your luck unless you try ;D

Wanted / Wanted to buy- engine parts for a 79 Honda CR250RZ
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:50:31 PM »
Wanted to buy NOS or undamaged engine parts for a 79 Honda CR250. Clutch basket & assembly. NOS or unmarked crank. Any other engine parts, let me know what you have

If you'd like to join OzVMX, please read on.

Due to the very large number of spammers now attempting to register with OzVMX, registration has been disabled. Our solution is to manually register each member request.

If you are genuinely interested in VMX, you are welcome to join us. To do so, please email me at

admin (at) ozvmx dot com dot au

To set you up and assess whether you are a genuine VMX fan, I will need answers to the following:

a/ User Name you wish to register under
b/ Your email address that you wish to register with
c/ Your country of residence (ie where you live)
d/ Your reason for wanting to join OzVMX. This helps us determine whether you are genuine or not.

Please take the time to answer the above questions. We are only requesting this info for no other reason than to keep the quality of the membership high.

Please also answer any of the following questions:

Who is known as 'The Man' in Motocross?
Who is commonly known as 'Grunt'
Who was nick named Dakka?
What was the premier MX series run around Australia from the early 70s through to the late 80s?

OzVMX Webmaster

General Discussion / Ahhh! Got that smell of fresh rubber in the car
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:34:47 PM »
Nothing like putting new rubber on at the beginning of the season 8)

General Discussion / Returning OzVMX Forum Members - Good to see
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:18:01 AM »
Lately we've had quite a few requests from past members to return to the forum which is great to see. For those who can't remember their log in details or their email address has changed, simply email me at kenneth at admin at ozvmx dot com dot au and I'll set you up again

Competition / Maitland is cancelled for Heaven VMX
« on: March 21, 2017, 04:58:18 PM »
We’ve just heard from the Maitland Club President. He visited the track this afternoon and it is still in terrible & unrideable shape. When they walked out onto the track their boot broke the surface and sunk up to 2-300 mm in to slop. After consulting with the president and other locals who know the track and race with us and know our bikes, it is our view that even if conditions for the remainder of the week went against forecast and the track was re-opened the track would not be in a condition suitable for an enjoyable Heaven VMX race meeting. We also feel that to prolong the decision in hope would only be wasting your time. It is better to bite the bullet and make the call.

For a while now it's been on our minds that there is a whole community amongst us of 'old dirtbike' restorers who love this sport just as much as us riders and racers do. Some still ride, some not so much. They toil long and hard to bring the old bikes back to life but often don't get out to enjoy or show off their achievements. We thought it was time to give them that opportunity and put a premier 'old dirt bike' event together for NSW where those restorers could come out of their sheds and garages, get some Vitamin D, rub shoulders with the rest of us (perhaps enjoy a cold ale or two) and show us what they got.

Announcing the OzVMX ‘Resto Expo’, a dream weekend for restorers and enthusiasts of old dirt bikes.
Restorers of old dirt bikes, this weekend is a time for you and your works of ‘Moto Art’ to shine. You are the unsung heroes of our great sport. An army of craftsmen in your own right, labouring towards perfection as you caringly clean, repair, paint, polish and assemble beautiful old dirt bikes back to their former glory.
We want you the Restorers to bring your ‘labours of love’ out to sparkle in the Aussie sunshine at ‘Dargle on the Green’ to be appreciated by all of us fans of old dirt bikes. A Show n Shine, Swap Meet, Cruisy Grass Track ride, and Camp Out, all on the banks of the mighty Hawkesbury River, for the whole VMX community to enjoy.
So get the polish out, buff that steed up and join in the fun so we can all have the chance to appreciate your fine work. Let’s start something big, give NSW its own premier old dirt bike event and make the Resto Expo the event on the calendar to show and appreciate these beautifully restored machines.

Are you a restorer of old dirt bikes? Are you an enthusiast who appreciates a beautifully restored work of art? Do you just Love old dirt bikes?
Over coming weeks the OzVMX team will be announcing details of a 'VERY SPECIAL EVENT' we've been working on for our community. So save the date Saturday & Sunday March 11&12, 2017 and stay tuned, more details to come...

Hi Guys,
I have been battling with the shifters on the two bikes I am racing at the moment, the 84 CR250 and the 89 CR250. I continue to have the issue of the shifters getting sloppy on the shaft. Each time I prepare the bikes, I tighten the bolts just that little bit more to within an inch of stripping the thread, but by the time I get the bikes home after a race day they are dancing around again. On the 89 I bought an OEM shifter from Honda for $100 and while it was a nice snug fit when I fitted it, within a few race meetings it is doing the same. I know fitting a steel shifter will help but I would prefer not to have to go that way. Is there a fix for this I don't know about?

General Discussion / OzVMX is here to stay
« on: September 15, 2016, 06:28:20 AM »
OzVMX is here to stay

OzVMX has developed into an ‘Institution’ in our old dirt bike community, the premier VMX site in Australia and for many years has been held in the highest regard both here and abroad. It’s a goto place for information, parts, bikes, and more often than not, some good fun online bench racing .  I am sure most of you will agree that as a community we are very grateful for Graeme’s huge efforts and want to give him an equally huge thanks for creating and maintaining OzVMX over the years. Like many of you when I read about Graeme’s intention to close down OzVMX I thought what a waste. I do however understand that after 15+ years of spending 100s of hours of his personal time Graeme is well overdue to feel completely satisfied with his achievement and move on to other pursuits. Doing all the back end work, piecing the IT together and troubleshooting it, dealing with the politics, and trying to cover costs, must have been very taxing. In the end to feel the pride of providing the premium information service for our VMX community, can only satisfy a person for so long. For Graeme to be prepared to close it, he had obviously reached his limit, and it was time for someone to step up and take over so all of his good work did not go to waste and he could move on.

As a VMX fan and someone not shy of a challenge, I asked Graeme if he would consider allowing me and my team to take it over. A request Graeme has kindly agreed to and it is humbling the trust he has shown to hand over the reins of such a valuable resource. I am confident that with some support, we can continue to keep the OzVMX network of sites strong, relevant and an enjoyable place for the VMX enthusiast to visit. As many of the NSW VMX riders know I am a keen VMX enthusiast and racer. I raced Motocross, in Hong Kong, Guam, The Philippines & Australia through the late 70s and early 80s, and found VMX through OzVMX back in 2000 where it introduced me back into the sport I loved so much in my teens. I am one of the people behind the scenes in the running of Heaven VMX events and I manage the Heaven VMX website and Social Media pages. With my business partner Jon Caplan I run a custom merchandise screen printing and embroidery business in Sydney which relies heavily on a number of websites and social media to bring in new business so we are working in this area every day. Going forward, with some assistance from our team, I will be the new driving force behind OzVMX.
Our plan is to review all the infrastructure behind the Ning site and the forum, and while there will be changes to streamline the back end of the sites to fit in more with our preferred IT platforms, the over-riding premise though will be to keep the integrity of the sites intact by preserving all the great knowledge & history built up over the years and keep it easily accessible to the OzVMX community.  To cover costs we’ll use the platform and Facebook page to advertise a small amount of VMX relevant products and services.

For the time being, not much will change. We’ll take our time to familiarise ourselves with each platform and when we have planned the changes we want to make, we will inform you well ahead of time. In the meantime please feel assured OzVMX is here to stay. Thank you Graeme, be proud, your great work will continue.

Foto Forum / Mr Motocross Fan page in Facebook
« on: June 28, 2016, 06:34:22 PM »
Hi Guys, I was recently looking at VMX stuff in Facebook and realised there was no Mr Motocross Fan Page. Given that it was such an iconic Aussie series through the golden era we all loved so much there should be one, so I started one. I have begun to create albums by year and would love any help in compiling images so we all have access to an in depth record of this incredible series.

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