Author Topic: Round 5 N.S.W Heaven V.M.X At Lakes  (Read 7154 times)

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Re: Round 5 N.S.W Heaven V.M.X At Lakes
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Unlucky Greg. Always the simple get offs are the ones that seem to leave  a lasting impression :-[ :-\

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Re: Round 5 N.S.W Heaven V.M.X At Lakes
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The Last Race Report.

Seano (# 43) ran a consistent fast 2nd all day against some really good competition. He came up against Jens Olsen (#172 & ex 1970's Aussie125 Champion) in the last race of the day. All eyes on the last race.

Seano got the jump at the start on the Husky 250 and Jens was up his arse on what appeared to be a clapped out TS/TM (Actually most of it was RH) And it was on. Seano was smooth and strong under pressure. Jumping really well and taking most of the wide lines of a fast fast up and down hill track. Funny how it looks flat on google maps….

The track had several large table tops through it. The last being in line with the chequered flag. The last chance to pass was on a hair pin turn on the one of the steepest parts of the track. Seano failed to steal Jens’ inside line and went wide. Jens took his favourite inside line which was just as fast as the wide. Seano came in first and came out first. The chance for overtaking was over. The apprentice was about the beat the master.

 It was only now a matter of 150m with a slight left bend after a big dip, through to a step up to ground level and line of sight to the winners flag. Full noise from both. Jens had not yet given up it appeared.

It was about then that Jens’ words of wisdom from the post practice drinks the arvo before, entered Seano’s head. The Master had said in a well established Viking accent `You know Sean ve air not racing fur sheep stations here at Heaven’ 

And at that moment the Husky front end dipped slightly. `Gotta still go to work on Monday' Seano said. The Husky didn’t slow down, just a slight dip in the acceleration. Not so with Jens. He had grown wings. The scrappy looking Suzuki went up a gear and forward. Faster than any other bike for the day at the head of the finish table top.

He overtook Seano in the air. 6 feet above him in the air. Seano landed at the end of the 20 metre table top. Jens was still above. Cleared the top, cleared the 5 metres of down ramp, plus another 3 metres on the flat of the track. Seano had no hope of pulling up for the off ramp and ran through to the main straight. Stood in front of the race crazed crowd. Jens had no chance of making the off ramp either. But did his best.

Flat slide into the off ramp tyre wall. The RH wedged tight in the tyres.

So if the Viking isn't racing for sheep stations we want to know what they race for in Norway

Adventure before Dementia

Thanks for the memories.


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