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For Sale / Boots. Brand new, Answer Podium, white, US 10, $195
« on: July 20, 2011, 10:07:41 AM »
Hey Guy's, I have a brand new, never worn pair of Answer Podium boots for sale, white in colour, size US 10, UK 9, Euro 43, $195.  I can deliver free to Melbourne's northern suburbs.

Call 0407 348 800

Introductions / A little of my history, MX & Superbikes
« on: June 22, 2011, 08:05:46 PM »
'74 Started racing MX - Suz TM125
'77 10th BP Mallee Rally 400km enduro. As an 18 yo I rode my TS185 to Mildura for the event!
'78 Two broken ribs.
'78 Severed left knee cruciate ligament.
'82 Raced Melbourne Showgrounds & Olympic Park Supercross. - Suz RM250Z.
'82 Graded B grade motocrosser.
'83 Broken right collarbone.
'84 Motocross tester for Trail & Track dirt bike magazine.
'85 Started instructing at Frankston motocross track. - Yam YZ490N.
'86 Right knee ligament reconstruction.
'87 Switched to roadracing Superbikes - Yam FZ750N.
'87 Stars of Tomorrow - crashed, unconscious 2 days. Yam FZ750N.
'88 Stars of Tomorrow - 6th. - Stafford FZ1000
'89 upgraded to B grade.
'89 240 kph crash P.I. main straight - Suz GSXR750H
- All bones torn out of left wrist.
- All bones broken coming from right wrist.
- Broken right ankle.
- unconscious for two weeks.
- burst blood vessel in right eye.
- All vertebrae bent up left side of spine.
'90 Competed at Brands Hatch, Mallory Park & Snetterton UK. - Suz GSXR750H
'90 Competed at Isle of Man TT races - Suz GSXR750H
'90 2nd 600 Supersport race Laguna Seca USA - Kawa ZZR600
'91 1st Hartwell Expert Championship - Suz GSXR750L
'91 3rd Victorian 251 - 1000cc Championship - Suz GSXR750H
'93 Baron of Broadford meeting A, B & C grade - 1st overall - Hon RC30.
'94 14th Australian Superbike Championship Kaw ZXR750K
'94 Upgraded to A grade ranking.
'95 9th Australian Superbike Championship (1st non factory bike) - Kaw ZXR750K
'96 20th World Superbikes - Phillip Island - Kaw ZXR750K
'97 19th World Superbikes - Phillip Island - Kaw ZXR750K
'98 Thunderbike lap record holder, Winton 1.30.1 Hon VTR1000
'98 Thunderbike lap record holder, Broadford 60.9 Hon VTR1000
'98 World Superbikes, Phillip Island - Broken right hand, broken right foot - Hon VTR1000
'99 Broken right collarbone - Aust Superbike Champs, Calder Raceway - Kaw ZXR750M
'00 Raced Daytona USA Yam R1.
'00 3rd GP Pro class, Hallett 4 hour, Oklahoma USA - Yam R1.
'00 Formula 40 3rd, Hallett, Oklahoma USA - Yam R1.
'01 4th GP Pro Daytona, USA - Yam R1.
'03 Left & right artificial knee replacements fitted.
'04 2nd Aust BEARS Formula 1, Production Championship.
'05 2nd Victorian Thunderbike Championship, Benelli 900
'06 2nd Victorian Thunderbike Championship, Benelli TnT1130.
'06 Severed bones, nerves & muscles to left foot.
'07 Instructor at Broadford roadrace school.
'08 Return to roadracing - mid field A, B & C grade Superbikes - GSXR1000K6
'10 1st Superstock 1000 @ PI round of Victorian Champs.
'11 Returned to motocross YZ250 TWO STROKE
'11 Aquired coaching licence, still running roadrace schools with GSXR1000K6
'11 Purchased RM125B to restore.

General Discussion / Your fav mods to your classic bike.
« on: March 25, 2011, 11:57:55 AM »
Hey Guy's,

I was just interested in what were your favourite mods were back in the day, mine were ......

Suzuki TM125L

Filtron airfilter.
Bassani exhaust or Terry Bryant modded (shortened) stocker.
Skunkworks rear suspension linkages.
Koni finned, alloy bodied rear shocks.
Preston Petty front guard.
TS100 kickstart lever.
ATF fork oil.
ATF gearbox oil.
B9EN spark plug.
Castrol R30 two-stroke oil.

General Discussion / Broadford practise 20/3/2011
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:08:39 PM »
Hey Guy's,

Mitchell Recreation Motorcycle Club (ex Broadford Motorcycle Club) are having a practise day at Broadford on Sunday March 20, who's comin?

I only have a modern bike but I'd love to check out some classics.

It is $50 for the year to join the club, and $30 to ride for the day, they average one practise day a month.

You have to join the club before the day that you want to ride tho.

General Discussion / MC television trivia quiz
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:42:24 PM »
Ok guys, I will say a line from an ad, and/or give a clue, see if you can answer what the television advert was for and what model bikes were in it.  Give it a go yourself, let's see who was bike crazy enough to remember the old ads.

"boots ready Stanley" wheelies out of a barn.

Introductions / Vic racer from '74 on
« on: June 19, 2010, 02:50:54 PM »
Hey Guy's,

My name is John Orchard, I started racing MX back in '74 on a Suz TM125L with Frankston Motorcycle Club, only made it to B grade, rode the supercross meetings at Olympic Park & Melbourne Showgrounds.  Spent a couple of years as Assistant Editor & Motocross bike Evaluator for Trail & Track magazine in the mid '80's; I thought I'd give it a go; I got tired of non experienced riders evaluating bikes.  I bailed out when the mag moved to Sydney.

My race club 'Preston' was asked to run the 2010 Australian Classic Champs at Broadford, because of my dirt history I got roped into commentating.  That meeting got me all enthused about vintage MX and here I am.  I'm looking for a bike, I guess being 50 I can't handle a 500, 6" travel or a peaky 125 so I guess something like a RM250B or the like would be good.

Switched to roadracing in '86, raced Superbikes ever since, currently A grade, had a few MX bikes from time to time but racing kills you financially.  I rode at the Isle of Man 'TT' meeting in 1990, finished 9th in the Australian Superbike Championships in '95, finished 19th in the World Superbikes at Phillip Island in '96.  Finished 4th on the banking at Daytona in 2001.  I'm still trying to dig up the funds to run a superbike this year but would so love to step back in time with you guys.


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