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looking for a petrol tank for a YZ80, water cooled jigga so i guess its like a K/J era probly 82.  what fits ?

Wanted / suzuki crank bearing t500 swaps on zedder ?
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:01:53 PM »
can you suzuki guys with zedder please give me the 70-77 titan T500 suzuki crank bearing numbers and what the swaps are please.

For Sale / Suzuki and yamaha, 2001 KTM stuff garage clean up.
« on: January 15, 2015, 02:33:21 PM »
Selling off all my Suzuki Stuff mostly NOS TM stuff, Some YAmaha YZA 125 and 250 bikes.  KX125 motor, any thing in not racing or displaying is in the cull.

As i dont have any suzuki bikes those parts are on my hit list search Ebay user: Baggypants69 will keep throwing stuff up there until its gone or fire me an email, PE alloy tank, sidecovers from one or a RM, TS 250 parts bikes, etc etc if its got an 'S' on its gone.

Have a look in the foto bucket i have create below and ill keep adding to it as well as ill push stuff up into there as well before i list it or just ask.

But give me time ........

For Sale / YZ 125A 's (74 model) for sale
« on: October 15, 2014, 12:41:18 AM »
YZ 125 A (74) have  a complet bike just been reassembled , still will need finishing off as you prefer ( patina or not patena)
motor rebuild new crank parts, new yam rod,TZ bearings, YAm piston , rings etc etc all done.  frame painted. rest is juts cleaned and original
$2800 and i can take to horsham 18/19 oct with the other bits in box to complete if paid

pictures upload to this bucket .

also have another one $1,800with the motor apart ( new crank rod, main fitted),  the frame is painted and have started to reassemble but that's it, rest comes in boxes :O)

plus 3rd option is i have a spare frame and a few other parts in a little lot to go to new home starting $500 but can add more$ as you add more bits.

Bike Transport / Geelong to somewhere closer to horsham or south Aus
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:45:26 PM »
OK bike is now in Geelong !!!!!

any one around that neck of the woods and can drop to Horsham by the 18/19th OCT ?

after that anywhere closer to SA would work , but keen on the horsham date as im there for the aussie sidecar titles :O)

HI Everyone, sorry before you slag me off, I get this is not essentially bike related topic but more so horsepower related.

As part of my not for profit group, where we sponsor young achievers in active sports mostly little kids on motor bikes, i have offered to help a lovely young kid compete on her horse at the Australian interschool championships, or at least to my best to channel sponsorship and create a campaign for her to reach this goal.

One thing I have done is set up a crowd funding page and I just need it to trend so we can get bigger sponsors on board for her.

The reason why I need you guys is most use PayPal, and Joe Public might not be as eBay crazy as we all are. (PayPal is our middle name)

So can you guys please at least follow the link below so we can get activity to her page, click the links and share on your social media stuff, and if you feel so moved by her story throw her a couple of bucks from that odd loose change you still have in your PayPal account from those rusty foot pegs you sold in 2003.

I would put more money in myself but I cant make it look like its coming from me all the time ( I already used a kym alias)

Anyway please visit the page and if you can please help and share please do, and lets get all these active kids following there dreams .....

please see her story and draft funding campaign currently online :


Spew, Had just finished prepping the 360a for the Aussie titles and noticed the rear motor bolt had broken, went to replace it thinking it was from my accident only to realise the rear mount is out in one side by 2 mm enough to not line the edge of through bolt in.

Cutting the story short I went to front and noticed there is a crack around the front mount and its been pulling back and tearing the plate... Spewing. So have bit the bullet and pulled motor out to be sure and sure enough its through 50% of its area, if you drew a circle around the mount.  it appears to just be on the bracket mount not the tube but not sure how to tell, but assume I wont need to sup[port the tube.

So now given it appears to have torn on the bracket welded to down tube and I assume its not in the tube then so I can just tap it back and get it welded ?

So should that be welded as a strong weld or a flexible one like brasing ?

If they a mig will it imbrittle the mount and start a crack fest ? What's the go here people who know there welding and stress/ vibration stuff long term I don't want more problems.
pictures of the issue

Selling a few YZ125A bikes..... frames been painted, motors have new bottom ends and rods bikes just need to be reassembled.  have started already putting the stuff back on one and will start the other frame shortly.  nothing to hard.   Most parts havent been touched or restored, just pulled down to paint frame and and cleaning everything else and then putting back on as they were.

TWo are matching numbers, other not.  looking for around $3K if i have to finish them off but less if you save me the trouble of putting all the stuff back on properly

Also have a Rare Brisk factory team KX/KE125 74 Slider for sale, prity sure we fresh end up the top end, should be all there as we intended to race it at qld in 2011 IIRC, finsihed it would no only goergeous to look at and ride, but would be a fast bike and compeditive.

Any way selling off all my project bikes as i need to reclaim some room, and injury forces me to reality check and move those i wont ride on.

Also have TM250 in bits and stack of parts blocking my front door.   Maybe also let some 250A's goes but only for real money.  Photos on FB i think if someone can repost em.

thinking out loud also have YZ125C, DT250A/B, MX250A, TS 250s (cheap) and im not sure what else is going but remind me and ill have a look for it.

Once i get sorted ill take pics and tidy bikes up but more work i have to do more ill want back from them... just saying.

Wanted / some 74 YZ or MX125, DT mm forks
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:29:16 PM »
Assuming 1974/75 YZ125,  MX125, and DT - 30 mm forks are they all the same does any one have a pair for sale as I have misplaced the ones that where in that bike.....

Vandy or Nathan ?

Yamaha / MX125, DT and YZ 30 mm forks are they all the same ?
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:26:18 PM »
   MX125, DT and YZ 30 mm forks are they all the same ? or are the sliders different on the yz ?

also if they are does any one have a pair for sale as I have misplaced the ones that where in that bike.....

Vandy or Nathan ?

Wanted / Sc500 Exht or similar 500 twostroke pipework
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:56:32 PM »
Sc500 hundred exht, complete, broken etc etc.  need one for  my 500 outfit byt as im cutting it to fit style noit important.  also consider other 500 2 stroke ext but need to have the same section length.

header is 50-52

For Sale / 250cc Suzuki TM, TS , Rm Garage Sale
« on: September 20, 2013, 01:15:14 PM »
Suzuki stuff !!!

think i have sold my last complete TM250 so finally can sell off all my spares and stuff.

Can someone get onto Ray sullivan cause at some point he wanted my TM250m 75 frame.

So stuff im selling soon will be : enough to make a hybrid bike !!!!
TM 250cc -75 frame
TM 250cc - 73 motor
front and rear wheels TM and TS, axles, backing plates, adjusters, etc
TM seat
TM tank
TM plastics
TM igntions, air box, bolts , etc
TS250cc  76 frame ( pre 75 follow on) roller
TS250cc 76 motor ( pre 75 Follow on) in roller
TS barrels
TS250  complete bike, was running.
ts250 69 tank, swing arm, rear wheel, seat, oil bottle, forks, etc missing motor which was 'cut out of frame' ( frame still here)
Suzuki RM250X 1981 full floater 2nd owner, original, some spares. plastics, seat blah blah.

IF its suzuki its gotta go to make room in the garage !!!!

prefer to sell the TM stuff to someone who wants to build one.... but if no intrest will sell as bits and pieces

Parts pick up in Rochdale. any one able tyo pick up a paior of shocks in Rochdale Qld and post them in a next day bag for me ? bought them and the guy woudl rather a pick up.....  anyone in the area.

Rochdale road, rachdale QLD

General Discussion / 2014 Classic MX titles - Port Augusta ( pre 78 )
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:47:51 PM »
Been holding off on firing up on the 2014 CMX titles until the 2013 club got there stuff done but we would like to at least get it on the radar where its going and hows it going.

So just a quick update for those interested the 2014 Classic titles will be held in Port Augusta , South Australia, by the PAMCC club.

Its a regional working class town at the foot of the mountain range and between the desert and the sea. Its where all the power is generated, the steels made and all those other industry like mining come through. with the big fishing townships down the way and of course shark cage dives....... there is somthign for everyone.

Its going to be a complete rethink of your typical grassy knowls scramble.  Its going to be a fantastic oppertunity for every one to bring there family and touch the outback and to ride red dirt.  In a mix of desert racing on red loam
The long track is being redesigned to cater for the pre 78 bikes, ev.
enthough we were able to pick our way over ski jumps last weekend at the launch ride.

A face book landing page and other information is available and will be published as soon as the ACTMX thing settles down. We have track video, photos and links to share. So hold tight !

I hope you will all get behind and support this small MX club put on the best little Aussie titles since the same sized club fired up at Crystal brook to give you a great event 2011

There were many consideration as to why to go to this spot and its also fair to the WA crew, the track is just off womera road which is an hour closer to the WA gropers so we expect to see a lot all you people from the west ! every one else its straight in from Broken hill so its kinda a fair drive for everyone around the country.

This is going to be a great chance to Camp and play in the outback, however for the senoirs the township has lots of accomadation only 10 mins down the road.
And for you crashers the hospital is there too.

The Major sponsor for this event will be the Port Augusta council and we expect them to help you with any accomadation to book onforward trips you may like to take in the region, if you wanna make a differant kinda holiday of it.

Much more to come but i just thought its time we shared our vision for 2014 and put something positive out for all you to look forward to.

Cmx and Cdt has had a few stutters of late.  Just saying we either need to get serious about running a high level exposure competiton or mix it up and get the fans in to see whatever they like and the riders whatever they want to do as a format to get things back on track across the country.

Maybe a time for some fresh thinking and get refocused on what is viable these days and what success means.  An event can not make a profit and still be massively successful if it ticks all the other boxes that it was set up to be successful in.

I'm just thinking we need to refocus on what successful events mean.... And how that is delivered in its correct context.

I still can't get buy the concept of the sideburns dirt track guys, low cost , low crowds but high fun,
high participation. It's all how you value it.

Anyway still my favourite bike clip

I'm also thinking Alistair your band needs to bring back the organ grind  ;)

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