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Wanted / DT175A/B/C rear shocks
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:36:48 PM »
As the title says, I'm after a good pair of twinshock DT shocks. The originals on my newly acquired DT175C look like they've spent the last 40yrs on the Titanic.
Cheers guys.

Yamaha / Semi-budget muckaround bike/nostalgiamobile, DT175G
« on: June 07, 2017, 10:37:32 PM »
I've got a major soft spot for 79-81 DTs, my first bike was a DT175G. It was thrashed, jumped, stacked into a car, did countless laps of a mate's MX track and went everywhere with the throttle pinned to the stops and just kept on going, until it didn't. One day my faithful, much abused steed had just had enough. I still miss that thing.
So, last year sometime after nearly two years of searching for the right bike, I went and bought another one.

Excuse the awful picture, it's the only one I have of it.

DT175G. Cost me a grand total of $250, was missing the kicker, a few clutch cover screws and taillight lens, needs a top end, crank seals and a seat. Other than that it's complete and in surprisingly good nick.
Plan is to fix it up and use it to get around town offending people. I remember my old one went heaps better when I ditched the stock muffler for an old CR125 one I flogged off a mate, so it might get a muffler, other than that it'll stay pretty well stock.

Honda / XR600 clutch cover bolt/bung
« on: June 07, 2017, 09:00:54 PM »

I lost this bolt from my XR600 on the way to work this morning, noticed it was missing when I pulled up at the accommodation... No bolt, and it had spewed oil all over my boot and the right hand side of the bike. Replaced it with the airbox bolt from just behind the rear brake reservoir and topped up the oil, doesn't seem to have done any damage, thankfully.
My question is, is it just a bung, or does it hold something on in behind the clutch cover?

Yamaha / What in the blue blazes is this off?
« on: June 01, 2017, 03:34:59 PM »
It was sold to me as a YZ465G/H tank, but she don't fit my IT. 9/80 date code, YZ125G maybe?

Wanted / 1992-96 CR250 kickstarter
« on: October 17, 2015, 12:48:35 PM »
Hi guys,
I know it's not exactly VMX, but I have a mate with a '99 Honda CRM250, the kicker knuckle's broken so we're after a kickstart lever.
'92-'96 CR250 is apparently the same, but anything that'll fit and work on a CRM will be fine.

Yamaha / Semi-budget vinduro basher, 10/'81 IT250J
« on: June 05, 2015, 02:40:03 AM »
I bought this thing in Oct. 2013 for the princely sum of $700; it wasn't much to look at, but it had good bones. It turned over freely, selected all six gears nicely and the shock had damping, all the parts that weren't on it were with it with the exception of the lights and silencer insert, so I bought it. It needed crank seals, a base gasket and new fork seals, among other things.

New fork seals, new base gasket, a bit of air in the tyres and some assembly later, and we had a runner.

Did the crank seals, patched up a split that showed up in the tank etc.

Took it to Cookardinia, had a blast despite the five fouled plugs, one dead plug cap, blown fork seals and epic 1hr wrestle-a-thon involved in changing the rear tyre.

Did the top end and threw a new front tyre on it

Threw an original headlight shroud, complete with bog tin lid glued in the hole, and a set of handguards I pinched off my brother's XR600 on it, swapped the upper triple and forks for YZ125K ones and took it to the YamahaIT forum ride in November

Bought and fitted another tank

Ditched the bog tin lid for an actual headlight, an old 12v/11w foglight that came in a box of truck parts my uncle saved from the skip at his work. Also fitted an ugly gooseneck taillight off my brother's XR600; it didn't stay long though, it's got an MCS XR4 one on it now.

My brother fitted Pivot Pegz to his WR426F, so I got the OEM ones. 20 minutes on the bench grinder and I have decent pegs

I was given an IT-J rear brakeplate with the brake cam sleeve pulled out of it a while back, I was over the YZ465 brake's shenanigans so I decided to fix it up. Quick tap with the persuading stick to knock the sleeve loose of the crud on the brake cam, quick buff on the bench grinder, a bit of bearing retainer on the outside of the sleeve and press it back into the plate with the bench vise, and voila. One properly working rear brake. It actually stays adjusted, which is something the YZ465 brake never managed to do.

A few random pictures
Next to the DT175H I'm slowly doing up

I discovered quite by accident that if you hit this at the top of 4th it'll send you into orbit ;D ;D

This hurt. I was stuck under the bike for about 20 minutes until dad showed up to rescue me; the position I was in was super awkward, I couldn't get enough leverage to even move the bike, let alone lift it off me.

I think so far it's cost me roughly $1k on top of the purchase price. Good cheap fun in my books ;D

Introductions / Hi, from CW NSW
« on: June 04, 2015, 06:37:41 PM »
Evening gents. I'm Josh, I'm 25, I'm from Parkes, NSW and I ride an '82 IT250J.
I was originally looking for another DT175G to replace the one I blew up when I was a kid, I loved that bike... Anyway, the IT came up cheap enough so I bought it instead. It was rough, but mostly there sans-lights and silencer insert and had nothing major wrong with it (crank seals, base gasket was blown, forks were stuffed, tyres were crap and the chain and sprockets weren't flash).
It's now got a 1mm over top end (apparently it was worn badly enough to warrant skipping the third oversize entirely), YZ125K forks/upper triple and a custom (read: homejob; it's a good one, though) silencer that I was given for nothing. I have suspension (43mm front end, emulators and 0.48kg springs; shock's getting rebuilt, revalved and sprung to suit my weight/pace. So heavy and slow ;D ), tyres (I scored a pair of Motoz tyres at Cookardinia last year, the front went on my brother's WR426 but I still have the rear. I have a Kenda Carlsbad for the front) and cosmetic stuff to go and it'll be finished.

As I bought it- October 2013

And now-ish; the ugly gooseneck taillight has since been replaced by an afermarket MCS one.

Some of you may have seen it at Cookardinia last year; it was the one rattling like a tin full of nuts and bolts in a paint shaker with the IT200 headlight ocky-strapped to the front.

Once the IT is finished I'll be looking for an XR500/pre-'90 XR600 or a pre-'90 TT600; after spending the last couple of weekends on my brother's spare bike (a '91 XR600) it's safe to say the big-bore 4T bug has bitten, hard... lol.

Anyway, that's me.

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