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81-82 RM125/250 fork parts
« on: January 13, 2021, 01:37:55 PM »
I have for sale

1 x pair of 81/82 RM125 fork outer tube/sliders
1 x pair of inner tubes for 81/82 RM125 and 81 RM250 (early version with 31.80mm ID tubes. they changed to smaller ID part way through production)

These are 38mm fork parts

I bought these from USA because i needed internal parts. This is all i have left of the forks.

The sliders are pretty good condition and will sand and polish up well. There is only maybe 2 marks that may take a bit more or just require a small spot of weld to fill as they are about 0.50-0.75mm deep.

The inner tubes are 739mm long
Theres no rust on them but there is a few very tiny pits/nicks in each one that are very small 0.30mm dia approx. Just pin pricks really. Not deep and would just need a light smoothing over with some fine paper or a deburring wheel or whatever.
No ugly rust or peeling between the triple clamps.

One has a pit approx 280mm up from the base and then another mark about 2 inches below the bottom triple. This does not reach oil seal when fork is bottomed. Then there is one pit a couple inches above the bottom triple.

The other tube has one pit around 2.5inches below bottom triple. This just gets into the oil seal area when fully bottomed out and then theres another one just above  the bottom triple again.

I look very hard and these are the only marks i could see..

$50 for the pair of sliders
$80 for the pair chrome inner tubes
$100 for the lot

Prices in AUD

(if i am way off with prices/value let me know and i may consider offers. Not looking to make mega $ but i do want the parts gone to a new home)

Photos below

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