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IT 175J intake manifold
« on: July 14, 2019, 03:19:16 PM »
Hi all
Just after some ideas or recommendations re ongoing problems with Yamaha IT175J intake manifold. Original was very cracked (appeared to be on outside only) so to be on safe side decided to replace with the current repro items. First one purchased had flaws/leaks in rubber to metal bond plus the rubber body itself, unnoticed at first, which possibly part contributed to a major engine failure, second one has just shown the same flaws after only 6 or so rides and with possibility of air leaks I have removed. Now I am back to resurrecting the original item which I have heavily coated on the outside with sikaflex sealant in the hope of sealing or preventing any possible air leaks. This I am hoping will be a suitable fix for next weekend ride, not sure if this will be a long term fix. Am reluctant to get a third repro item as quality seems very poor and they ain't cheap, am guessing this may be a problem for others so any current ideas other than the above (all searches only lead me to very old posts/info) can another model be adapted (don't know if this will solve the quality problem though), is there something else available (I only seem to be able to find the one USA source avail of the repro item - postage is mind blowing) and J model item seems very rare. Any ideas appreciated.