Author Topic: DKW 125 ENDURO For Sale brisbane -SOLD!  (Read 514 times)

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DKW 125 ENDURO For Sale brisbane -SOLD!
« on: March 29, 2019, 03:06:39 PM »
Guys ,another :o "would love to get around to it but never will project :'(" Very original DKW 125 , leading link front end with SACHES radial fin motor , original bettor shocks, bing carby,  frame all original not hacked , good engine cases ,barrel , head and pipe . I believe its a good base for a very rare resto (I've done much worse)but not for the faint hearted or those short of resources (like money!) plenty of parts for theses motors on e-bay pentons used the same , KTM , Monark etc.
It is listed on gumtree as of late last week with some photos or I can send if you send me your email.
The Bad : Seized crank,no seat or tank (a good YZ tank is fitted and will go with it).
Listed at $799 , you tell me (?) ???
Located ;Kenmore ,15 k's from CBD.
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