Author Topic: Yamaha DT200R and WR200 assorted parts - mainly engine  (Read 287 times)

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Yamaha DT200R and WR200 assorted parts - mainly engine
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:07:28 PM »
On offer here is two separate lots of parts. All are located in Sydney's Inner West and can be inspected by appointment. Payments can be made by cash or PayPal (if the buyer pays the PayPal charges). I'll also send them COD in Australia if wanted. Postage (if required) will be at cost. Any questions, please ask!

Thanks & regards,

1. Yamaha DT200R

These parts suit 1988 models onwards (3ET base model). Some may also fit earlier 37F/1TG/2LR models (and indeed other Yamahas), but please do your own research before committing.

Engine casing - Two bare matching halves from 3CJ model (Australian market version of 3ET base model). Good condition, although need cleaning. Can be used without need for repair. One M6 thread for the magneto/sprocket cover looks a bit dodgy, but it still seems to do its job (a bolt screws in and out OK).

Flywheel magneto assembly x2 - Both in good used condition, slight damage to PVC wiring sleeve, all coil resistances within specification (as per factory workshop manual), all connectors OK.

Wiring loom - Dirty, but seems structurally sound. One or two spade or bullet connectors missing from ends of wires, but plastic multi-way connectors all look OK.

CDI unit, rectifier-regulator and 'control unit' - The control unit is the device which decides whether to allow the engine to start based on the positions of the neutral switch and side stand switch. These electrical parts (along with one of the flywheel magnetos and the wiring loom) were sold to me as "working, from a running bike" about 10 years ago, but I ended up not going ahead with the project I was going to use them on. All parts look OK, but I haven't been able to prove that they work.

Assorted coolant pipes and hoses - All look OK.

Rubber gasket for magneto/sprocket cover - Good condition.

Front sprocket - Worn, but may be useful for pattern or emergency purposes.

Gear selector drum - Looks good, bearing seems OK.

Gear selector shaft - Pedal splines very worn, but remainder OK. Could be repaired or modified for use.

Kickstart shaft assembly - Looks good.

Gearbox assembly - Input and output shafts with gears. All gears rotate and slide smoothly on shafts. Sprocket splines and thread seem OK. Signs of slight wear in a couple of places, but I'd suggest this set of gears could be installed and used satisfactorily as it is.

Assorted other small bits & pieces - Casing screws, gear selector pawls, output shaft sleeves, gear selector fork shafts etc. Most good, but some only suitable for patterns.

Price for all of the above together is $200. I may be inclined to split if there is enough interest, but I'd want to keep all the electrical parts together (but may sell one flywheel magneto assembly separate).

2. Yamaha WR200

This is a clutch cover from a WR200 (4BF) model. It also suits the DT200WR (3XP) model. It could also be fitted to the earlier DT200R (3ET-based) models, giving a choice of clutch actuation methods.
This sale is for the clutch cover only. The other parts shown will be included as a bonus at no extra charge if wanted. The buyer can choose to take or leave any or all of the bonus parts (e.g. leave unwanted parts to save on postage). These other parts all came from the same WR200 engine, but do not necessarily make the clutch cover 'complete'.
The clutch cover is in good condition, has been cleaned and can be used as it is, with no need for repair. All threads and gasket faces look good. It is bare, except for the needle roller bearing at the lower end of the passage for the clutch release shaft. The needle roller bearing seems to be in good condition and there should be no need to replace it. There are assorted scuffs and scratches on the dome (one which may possibly be described as a gouge), but none of this damage has been transferred to the inside.
The price for the clutch cover is $80.