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KDX 250
« on: July 14, 2018, 08:53:32 PM »
85 KDX 250, last of the air cooled.
'Harrow ready'

Originally built as a rider to keep, I would call it respectable and functional but its not cosmetically immaculate.

It had a full rebuild a few years ago, new rod kit, mains, Wiseco piston, replated cylinder, DID X ring chain and all the usual swingarm/wheel bearings etc.

I have only ridden it once or twice a year since due to illness or VERi committee duties at events.

It performs well, the motors I consider brilliant as it has torque down low like a tractor and still revs out cleanly.

GMC chamber and muffler


Down sides;

The tank had been painted when I got it and it looked good but it has deteriorated over time and when washing it after the Beaufort Vinduro the paint came off from the pressure washer. I had been expecting it to not look so flash under the paint and had already bought another tank for it that looks a lot better, its pictured next to the bike. Just haven't fitted it yet.

The front and rear rims are different profiles so I acquired another rear wheel for it to match the front rim, its pictured next to the bike, haven't gotten around to fitting it yet either.

Its still on the same tyres as when I rebuilt it, they have lost the edge a bit but I can throw in some new tyres with it, they are pictured next to the bike.

Brake shoes are still usable but probably the only thing needing updating.

I painted the GMC chamber with a clear coat and put it through some heat cycles but apparently not enough as my first ride with it at Beaufort had some dirt stick to the header section as the paint was still soft, haven’t had time to detail it since. basically needs a sand back and redoing

Has the usual paint rub marks from being ridden.
Asking $3000 for it with the spares as mentioned.

Its ready to ride, currently has club rego however its not transferable.

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Re: KDX 250
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 09:29:34 PM »
Worth a lot more, it must hurt selling one of your greens.
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