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360 sidepipe pistons


Are pistons available for 360s? I know OTZ has rings in 80, 80.25, 80.5 & 80.75 but don't show 360 pistons
Any possible sources that people can suggest?
Not sure what size bore the bike I have coming is but if possible I would prefer to keep it as a 360 rather than open it out to 380 when I rebuild the engine

Got the motor apart & the bore looks good so the piston or rings at minimum I need are 80.91mm for a 81mm bore. Piston appears to be a Kolbenschmidt

Was able to get the rings off the piston by sliding a feeler gauge under the end of the ring & sliding it as far around as possible, I then tapped the ring where it was clear of the groove with a lump of copper to help pull the ring clear of the groove on the other side of the feeler gauge, I then moved the feeler gauge further around & repeated, took about half an hour to get both out & the grooves clean. Need to see what the end gap is before deciding on whether to try & source a new piston kit or have the cylinder bored out to 82mm

Not much help I know but my suggestion is contact OTZ and ask him if he has what you want. Guys like that have tons of stuff that never gets listed on the website simply because they've got better things to do.

Contacted Piotr when I first took the top end off & he wasn't able to help, probably going to have to ask Bertus if he has 1


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