Author Topic: Australia's Biggest Mini Re-Union Mar 30/31 Shannon's Broadford Bike Bonaza  (Read 321 times)

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Hi Good folks of Oz VMX Forum yes I havent been on here much as my Book Face Social Media Side beckons with 4 Sites.

Australia’s Biggest Ever Pre- 90-100cc, Mini Reunion at Shannon’s Broadford Bike Bonanza Easter March 30/31 2018.

Already people coming from Europe and US to participate. Swap meet, trade alley, 10 classes Show and Shine with cool trophies, For Riders can ride all day Easter Friday MINIS only.

Follow Holden On Tight Face Book Page for all info about to drop soon.

Friday dinner for 500 raising money for Women’s Breast and Men’s Prostate Cancer.

Hit DROP DOWN BOX in bike category for all classes to enter.

All Booking Details below on this Trybooking Site:

Cheers Rosco