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XL350 in XL250 frame
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:29:43 PM »
On Ebay now:

XL250 with XL350 engine. Owned by older rider & dry stored, unused for many years.

The Good news, the motor has plenty of compression and starts easily, top end is quiet. Wheels are excellent, New sprocket & new O-ring chain, Brakes seem very good, Tyres are 95%.  Classic period Mods: Renthal alloy bars, custom exhaust (compact & pretty quiet), Mikuni carby conversion, Leather seat cover, welded shifter.

The Other news, seems smokey, tank was full of two-stroke, but tank and carby flushed out, & still some smoke. NO blow-by from the crankcase vent. If you're Lucky, it's just oil in the exhaust pipe, degraded valve stem seals or a glazed or stuck oil ring???
Might be worth giving it a real good run, before pulling the top off.

250's are pretty common, 350's are very desirable. This bike is offered in "as is" condition, unregistered, as a restoration project. Start price is the Reserve price.

Cheers, Daryl.
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