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Re: Maico 700cc.
« Reply #30 on: October 05, 2016, 08:41:54 AM »
I never stalled in the sand for some reason. if I wanted to stop, just gave it a blat and spun the back wheel in and stepped off. Was riding the beach at Portland in the early 80's (on a TS400 of all things) and came across some blokes all bogged to the arse next to each other. asked them if they needed a hand and they laughed and pointed out they were "parked", not bogged.

The other thing is I only ever rode a 465 once :o never again so I get the starting issue and the need for a mat. I always rode bikes that were easy to start. ;)

the nicest 500 ive ever ridden, (most have scared me sh*tless) is the last a/c 1984 500 WR husky, just a stronger 300 ktm engine, fabulous bike to ride. very close to the 85 w/c 500 Maico which was a very useable 500 as well. rm, kx,cr and xc 500's have too much instant hp at the throttle for me. great in open going and mx but pooh on a descent trail.

ive never ridden a 490 maico which im told is an awesome big bore engine....1 day maybe