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2021 Vintage Trail Riders Vinduro Dates
20th & 21st March 2021

2nd to 5th April VMX Magazine Classic Dirt

17th & 18th April 2021

15th & 16th May 2021

12th and 13th June 2021

10th &11th July 2021

7th &8th August 2021

4th & 5th September 2021 AGM


Check out some Action of the 2019  as not much happen in 2020  on the  Club Youtube Channel

Not a Member ????
If You are Not a Member and Would Like to come along to this Vinduro Then Read below on How to Enter ..[

VTR will Not Be Taking On NEW Members in 2020 Sorry for this But with Limited number of Ride
We feel this  would Be Unfair to existing Members ...


What’s VTR well it stands for  Vintage Trail Riders.
Keeping Alive Old Bikes with the Conventional style technology of the Golden days of the Enduro and Trail bikes  . 
What’s a Vinduro well it’s a 10 to 20+ km Non competitive ride in the bush ,over hills in paddocks .
That means NO RACING it’s a Recreation event …it’s Just for fun . you ride at your own pace.
The Vinduro loop is a mixture of tight to open tracks  aimed   all leaves of riders .   
Vintage Trail Riders Club Rules are that Bikes Must Be a  Vintage Dirt Bikes  25 years Old or older.
Your Bike can not have USD thats  upside down front forks and can not have a rear disc brake.
Your bike will also need a Complete Head Light but don’t worry it does not need to work But It must be a older style .
Your Bike/Bikes Do Not Need to have road rego at its on private property But still Must Be Well Muffled and Meet Motorcycling .N.S.W   GCRs.... 
The Above Rules are Vintage Trail Riders Rules   Other Clubs may have different Rules
But this is what the Club wants to Cater For ...

To Entry a VTR Vinduro
You Need to E-Mail Your Name and Member ship Number
and if you need a Event Licence  or Not.

Entry Must done more than 10 Day before the event  Date ..

If You are Not a Member and Would Like to come along to this Vinduro .
Then E-Mail  VTR .
Your Name 
Your Address
Your Town or Suburb
Contact  Phone Number
A Reference  Name of a Club Member Or How you come to hear about VTR will be a Big help ....
Sent this Info to  to and Ask for the Information to be sent to your E-mail 
And this Must Completed more then 10 Day before the event date .
Otherwise we will Not complete your Enquiry and you will not be able to attend .

You Need to Copy and then Paste   the E-mail Address into  you E-Mail account ..   
Clicking on the  hear this will NOT let you send a message to VTR ..
You need to Add it to you E-Mail Account ..
and we will then send you the forms and Info you need ..
Entry Cost        $65.00  VTR Members

Event License   $45.00    Motorcycling N.S.W   Weekend event Licence only

VTR Membership  $40.00 to 31-12-2020

Friday          Gates Open mid afternoon  to all      Working Bee and  Set up   .

Saturday     Sign On 9.00am to  10.30am a short ride meeting .. then the Loop is open .
                  Loop Close  5.00pm or earlier depending on numbers of riders out riding the loop ..

Sunday      Sign On  to 8.30am a short ride meeting .. then the Loop is open .
                 Loop Close 1.00pm or earlier depending on numbers of riders out riding the loop

You can Camp at venue But you Must fill in and Sign the Camping indemnity form
and Be Aware of the Camping Rule from  M.N.S.W  .
NO Dogs or Pets of any kind ...
Only 1 Camp fire is allowed at Event . But Gas Heater are welcome .
Weather can change  so please be prepared for Hot or Cold and wet weather you will need to bring plenty of drinking water and food for the weekend .
Toilets will be on site in the camping area and Most events a Hot Shower ..
All Rubbish must go home with you..   No  Glass Beer Bottles Allowed .
Your Camp  area  must  be left clean ..

The Flowing Rules are Vintage Trail Riders  Club Rules ...

Must Be a  Vintage Dirt  Bikes   Can Not Have   Upside Down Front Forks . Can Not Have a  Rear Disc Brakes ..

Your Bike Must have a Complete  Head Light (Old style does not need to work ) Must Be  Well Muffled and Meet M.N.S.W   GCRs

Please Ask Be for you come if you are unsure on any of the above ... ..
VTR Vinduro are ran under Motorcycling N.S.W (MOMS)  to ride at this event you need a currant Motorcycling N.S.W competition  Licence or  Motorcycling N.S.W  Recreation Licence  or you can Buy a One Event Licence .
Please Note that Motorcycling Australia License only covers you for death or permanent disability only.           
Please Note ambulance cover is NOT provided with a Event License , Recreational License or Competition License .

Your bike Must be safe to ride and the exhaust must have no leaks and be Quite .
You Need the proper riding Gear to ride Eg Helmet , Motorbike Boots , Long sleeve motorbike shirt , Motorbike  Pants .

Please Ask Be for you come if you are unsure on any of the above ... ..

  VTR  Club Rules

I understand that all Members must be over 16 years old. I understand I can’t Not Ride at Vinduro without Sign in First. I understand that I must treat all persons with respect and courtesy with proper regard for their safety on and off the trails. I understand that I can only ride Vintage Dirt Bikes
25 years Old or older that Does Not Have Rear Disc Brakes or Upside Down Front Forks at VTR events. I understand I must have a complete head light fitted to my bike(s) But It must be a older styler style , but is not required to work. A tail light is preferred but is not essential. I understand that bikes must be suitably muffled and understand that all bikes and riding apparel must comply with GCRs. I understand that I must attend the pre-ride meeting and listen and do as instructed by the officials. I understand that I must keep my area clean and I must take all my rubbish home with me and leave area clean behind me. I understand and agree that if required, the officials may arrange medical and/or hospital treatment (including ambulance transportation) for me. I authorize such actions being taken by the officials and I agree to meet all costs associated with such action. I understand that the Club and those bodies in which the Club is affiliated have no responsibility for any damage, theft of machinery, possessions or any bodily injury sustained during the course of partaking in the club event. I understand that My photo/ Video may be taken and used in Magazines, Social media, You-tube and TV in Reports and promotion of the Club and the Sport.

Please Ask Be for you come if you are unsure on any of the above ... ..


Thanks to the Members who  worked hard to get Vinduro Venue to Ride ..

We thank you for your Help

If you Do know of someone or a Place that we could Use drop us a E-Mail ..We would love to hear from you....


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Up date to Dat 24 11 2020