Author Topic: How to 'ignore' things you don't want to see on OzVMX  (Read 2273 times)

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How to 'ignore' things you don't want to see on OzVMX
« on: December 13, 2014, 08:31:17 PM »
Sometimes there are boards here on OzVMX that you personally aren't interested in. The 'Ignore Boards' option allows you to block new posts from those boards - you select the board to ignore and you'll no longer see new posts listed on the home page. The board will still appear in the list of boards, and you can still go to it to see what's going on, but it won't be in your face when you first login.

To enable this, go to your profile (PROFILE link at the top of the screen). Then, select MODIFY PROFILE, IGNORE BOARDS OPTION.

On the screen now displayed, select the boards you wish to ignore, and then click the CHANGE PROFILE button down on the bottom right.

Now, you won't see the new posts from this board on the forum home page.

Hope this helps!!
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