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The Belgarda TT600E in itself wasn't a bad bike except just heavy!!!!! They were just border line trail bikes and more road orientated. I realise it might be younger than you 1993 limit. The TT600R was the better option.

What about putting a Belgarda 600E motor into the earlier (92 or 93) TT . (From what I have just read it fits!)

The electric leg option is starting to look good for my XR600. I've had them since 1994 and I would hate to part with the current one but the thought of kicking it on the side of a hill just doesn't do it for me anymore.
Peter B
Electric start came on 86 Yamaha XT600Z Tenere (1VJ)
Wanted / Re: 510 Husky engine
« Last post by 80-85 husky on January 12, 2018, 11:08:29 AM »
Blasphemy :o
XT600 was electric start from the early 90's, the didn't change much except cosmetically and complying with new ADR's such as "compulsory lights on" made right up to 98 I think
Yamaha / Re: YZ125D motor
« Last post by Viper666 on January 12, 2018, 10:38:49 AM »
Yes, the E was essentially a D with an aluminum swing arm.

As before the barrel & head slightly different. If you need it for Pre 78 you'll need to put a D barrel on.

You could apply for an exception (As per YZ250 & 360 B's) as if you are using the D frame the centrecases offered no gain as they were identical apart from the first 3 letter prefix.

That said I doubt if you would be pulled up on it.
As above. I am looking for suggestions for a trail bike 500cc-650cc that has an electric start as even when young I had a devil of a time kicking my 81 XT500.

Prefer Yamaha.

What's peoples thoughts?
General Discussion / Re: CZ Sidepiper build
« Last post by LWC82PE on January 12, 2018, 09:22:22 AM »
I can only see Pokeys pic when i am using Firefox with a plug in.

all the other photos in the opening post eg

dont appear to be inserted in the image tags. That may be the problem

click the image icon below the B (BOLD) button and try inserting the above address inbetween the tags

so like this

well thats was good it just leaves a blank for me. >:( Pokey has exlained it though and shown the IMG tags.
Photos bucket is way too hard these days. Theres better options i am sure. I say ditch it and use something else easier/less restrictive.

I was wondering this thread would be better in the CZ section and not 'general section'

maybe mods can shift it there?
General Discussion / Re: CZ Sidepiper build
« Last post by pokey on January 12, 2018, 12:54:42 AM »
You need the Photophucket Hotlink plugin
 if your using chrome use this  and just click the button to add it.

Photophucket website sucks now as its full of adds  and the servers are so laggy, Atleast that plugin will let you see linked pics.
  When adding a pic to a post use the IMG code and the pic will display in the post. Code should look like this

Code: [Select]

General Discussion / Re: CZ Sidepiper build
« Last post by djr on January 11, 2018, 11:39:21 PM »
I can see each photo for about 2 seconds , then it gets covered with an advert, or a message to pay the $399 dollar subscription.
using Microsoft edge , haven't tried other browsers

General Discussion / Re: CZ Sidepiper build
« Last post by FAT-TOY on January 11, 2018, 10:41:28 PM »
  Just spent the best part of 2 friggin hours trying to get this bastard to work but it don't look like the f#*^ing photos are going to work.  I can see them but I doubt that anyone else will.  Let me know if you can see the bloody things.  I'm friggin over this.
                                    PAY NO ATTENTION TO THIS POST, I AM A COMPUTER WIZZ.
  Not really, but I have managed to get most of the bloody photos on, so do feel like I have achieved at least one thing for the day.
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