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Wanted / Re: TS185 fork dimensions
« Last post by pokey on Today at 12:08:42 AM »
Sorry you are correct The C is non leading axle,

 Do be careful with part# as Suzuki list the exact same # for the stanchion for the early TS185 TS125 TM125 and TS100 but they have different internal machining to cater for the preload caps on the 185. Other measurements are the same. I wouldnt put it past them to do the same on later models.
For Sale / Suzuki RM125M/S 1975 seat also fits TM125
« Last post by YZB 500 on Today at 12:02:12 AM »
For Sale

Suzuki RM125M/S seat, solid seat base and new seat foam.


Regards Gibbsy
For Sale / Husqvarna Wr 250 1972 mag crank webs and left side journal
« Last post by YZB 500 on Yesterday at 11:57:37 PM »
For sale

 Husqvarna WR250 crank webs, matched pair & left side primary geat journal.


Regards Gibbsy
Honda / Re: New XR75 K1 1974 Project
« Last post by alexbrown64 on Yesterday at 11:07:36 PM »
The rubber gray paint is supposed to match perfectly with Kia Sage Green.  Either my paint place mixed it up wrong, or something isnt right.  I painted all the panels with my Sage Green and they came out way to dark. Its a nice metallic grey, with a greenish tinge, but quite a few shades too dark.
I have also read on here that Hyundai Smoky Gray is a perfect match using a spectron analyzer. I will take some pics, panels and info down to the local paint place tomorrow and get it sorted.  Besides that, the panels look pretty good considering their age. Its only the base coat, so should be able to shoot straight over it when i get the paint correct.


Wanted / Re: TS185 fork dimensions
« Last post by LWC82PE on Yesterday at 10:21:13 PM »
The pics posted are TS250B parts but for this purpose do the job.
I hate to correct you but 78 C is not an ER and are not leading axle.Australia had 2 different 185 models in 79. An N model with 32mm leading axle forks and an ERN with 33mm leading axle forks.
I don't actually need these parts just the dimensions for 77-78. 77 are different to 78 mechanically but i would expect the lengths to be the same. I would not expect any of these 30mm 185 forks to have any parts in common with RM's but the TS250 does share many parts with 76-77 RM

TF185 forks will probably be the same as 78 i would think. The inner tubes are same part number as 78 185 but the other parts are different. I dont know if the change is a dimensional one or something else so at this stage safest thing is to stick to the 77-78 TS dimensions.

I just checked TF numbers against the DS and yeah TF uses the DS damper rods, black outer tubes etc so TF forks would be same dimensionally as TS. So yeah if anyone has some TF185 forks to measure then those would be OK too.
For Sale / Re: Not VMX but it is a CBX
« Last post by pokey on Yesterday at 09:57:56 PM »
My mate Jim is the second owner, It was purchased New by a Highway Patrol guy in Newcastle, He and his mate Both had them but sadly this guy  passed away from reasons Im not privvy too and it sat in the garage for years untill Jim bought it. Everything that was age worn has been replaced like seals etc. The CBX gets a run once in a blue moon to keep everything working. As you can see from the other pics it needs nothing other than a new home. I did offer him a spot near my beer fridge in the cave but He declined.
Wanted / Re: TS185 fork dimensions
« Last post by pokey on Yesterday at 09:48:19 PM »
ts185 A are almost the same as the L and M but have a larger internal capacity.
 B model were still non leading axle The C model(ER) were the first leading axle.

Why not do a part # comparison to see what RM model shared those components as there probably arnt a lot of B models around.

 without looking very hard that triple tree looks very much the same as the L and the M stuff I have
Wanted / Re: TS185 fork dimensions
« Last post by TT5 Matt on Yesterday at 09:17:25 PM »
I thought er185 were all leading axle fork and the 2 I found on epay are also but the Aggie bike tf185 are straight leg forks like in your pic or the same as ts185l| m and a models
Vinduro / Re: VERi Three Bridges Vinduro 26/11/17
« Last post by Trokel510 on Yesterday at 08:49:15 PM »
I Thought all the events were done for the year so have started stripping some of my bikes down for off season repairs/rebuilds but might try and make this one if I can get a bike or 2 ready in time.
For Sale / Re: Not VMX but it is a CBX
« Last post by jimg1au on Yesterday at 08:23:28 PM »
 i know of two twin shocks in sheds in sydney  not for sale but not riden for a while either
they are in mint condition as well
havent riden either but have seen them heaps of times some of the other bikes in there collections are great as well
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