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Honda / Re: Honda xl 350 dellorto phbe 36mm
« Last post by Davy123 on Yesterday at 11:47:23 PM »
cheers for all replies... ive got a starting point from a dellorto dealer...ab  262 atomiser,k4 needle , 60 pilot ,130 main, 50 slide... be next year before i finish bike , ive nearly got all the parts gathered, another Honda XL in a husky frame, i built one 2 years ago and it goes well  my son prefers to the C&J framer i have ...
Wanted / 1968 Suzuki T200 Crank NEEDED
« Last post by 500singles on Yesterday at 08:41:39 PM »
I had my crank pressed apart and the bearing surfaces are no good. It must of been sitting in water for 20 years. I got hold of a second bottom end and it is stuffed too! If you have a T200 crank weighing you shelf down, please give me a call. Cheers Mark 0408271831 
Wanted / Re: 1968 Suzuki T200 X5 Scrambler Crank pins
« Last post by 500singles on Yesterday at 08:33:52 PM »
I found some, they where 19mm. I brought 1 on then soon after 2 came up for sale. Now I have one spare.
Thanks for your help, I haven't had much luck ;)
Tech Talk / Re: Suzuki PE250B needle jet series
« Last post by James P on Yesterday at 07:28:19 PM »
The Q-2 that is fitted is a 159, I think the original Q-0 was a 159 but I can't be sure


I can't advise with any certainty, as my own PE250B hasn't got its original carb. However, if a 159-series needle jet fits and works (including the jet's air intake hole aligning correctly with the air passage in the carb), then it would seem to be the correct one. If it is close, but something doesn't quite align properly with the 159, you may need a 166.

As far as I have noticed over the years, the 159-series needle jet seems to be the type available in the largest range of sizes of all types of Mikuni needle jet - a LOT of carbs used it.

Tomas may be right about not noticing any difference between Q0 and Q2 - do you want to change because of poor/rich running, or just to obtain the 'correct' size? Are there any modifications to your air box or filter which may have caused a larger needle jet to be fitted previously? Is the rest of the jetting (particularly the needle) standard?

For Sale / Re: DT1 250 original 1970/71 exhaust
« Last post by jimson on Yesterday at 07:03:16 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Triumph bobber 2017
« Last post by jimson on Yesterday at 03:42:32 PM »

It might have taken me 2 years but I've bought myself one for Christmas lol  :)
Bike Transport / Re: Brisbane to Perth?
« Last post by ralph311 on Yesterday at 03:31:33 PM »
Cheers Alex, I'll check them out
General Discussion / Re: Pressing out swing arm axle
« Last post by alexbrown64 on Yesterday at 01:14:07 PM »
A while back, my YZ125G swingarm bolt was fully seized in.
I soaked it in all sorts of stuff for days.
I used a propane torch to continually heat the area.
I was lucky that one end of the swingarm bolt had a hex head where i could get an impact air driver on and continually work on it forward and reverse.
I used a Hilti to continually hammer on it.

The combination of heat, lube, hammering, torquing and time eventually started to gradually turn and move it mm by mm.
After a few days of continual work, it came out.  The bolt was ruined of course, but everything else was fine.

Bike Transport / Re: Brisbane to Perth?
« Last post by alexbrown64 on Yesterday at 01:02:36 PM »
You could try Northline transport. They do depot to depot.
A guy in Melbourne is sending my a bike to Perth at the moment.  $350 depot to depot.
Northline has branches in Brisbane and Perth.

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