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For Sale / XT250 x 2, plus spares
« on: Today at 10:43:33 AM »
Selling two Yamaha XT250s:

1. 1981 model. Runs but has rattly motor and intermittent poor running (jetting/carb issue?). Aftermarket carb, TT250 airbox, reasonable tyres, rear shock needs attention. No battery, headlight works, tail light & brake light wiring is missing. Has compliance plate. Quite rough, but has been a reliable vinduro & trailriding mount for several years.

2. 1984 model. Not running. Keystar carb kit installed, fired it up but oil pissing out from base gasket, so turned it off & put it back in shed. Has some rare original parts such as tail light, battery holder, and chain guard. Missing speedo/tacho and muffler, rear shock probably needs attention. Ugly aftermarket front guard. Rear guard very rotten. This was a commuter bike before being parked in shed years ago, even has blinkers and mirrors. Tyres are rubbish.

Spares: TT250 frame (with compliance plate), swingarm, rear shock (would need rebuild), seat, 2 rear wheels, 1 front wheel, 2 orig carbs, manual, other bits and pieces.

All being sold as one lot (i.e. two complete, rolling bikes, plus spares), won’t separate.


Phone: 0457 844 512 or email

Located near Ballarat.

Tech Talk / Re: XS1100
« on: October 23, 2018, 12:14:44 PM »
Yes, as dont says they are something of an icon, and I would say that a complete and running one would definitely be desirable to a few people.

Trivia: Roger Heyes and Jim Budd won the Castrol 6 Hour on an XS1100 in 1978. XS1100s were also ridden to podium positions in the same race in 1979 & 1981.


Tech Talk / Re: Bassani exhaust shield
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:18:55 AM »
a lot of holes that you are going to throw in the bin

Hmmm, what happens when you throw a lot of holes in the bin? Do they fall out the bottom and just keep on going?

I was wondering a similar thing to Canam370. A hole by definition is a space or absence of matter. So are you saying GMC that you would in fact be throwing nothing in the bin?  :o 


For Sale / 1979 Suzuki PE175 [sold]
« on: October 17, 2018, 09:35:40 PM »
1979 Suzuki PE175N, sold as non-runner, though shouldn't need much to get going again.

Missing kick start pedal, and shaft has been damaged when removing the previous one that was welded on. Another kick start lever from TS185ER is included.

No electrics fitted, and no speedo.

Build date as per compliance plate: 3/79.
Frame No. PE175-111172
Engine No. PE175-111061

Comes with some spares, including cylinder head, new sprockets, and a lot of other bits & pieces. Bashplate and mounting hardware not shown, but are included.

Michelin front tyre isn't too bad. Rear tyre is a bit perished, but some grip still left!

This bike is heaps of fun when running, especially in tight, gnarly conditions! Make a perfect vinduro mount with a little work.


Phone: 0457844 512 or email

Located near Ballarat.


As stated already, if you are keen to have a run at the competitive event next year, it will be held in the same area as this vinduro, so definitely worthwhile taking the opportunity to get a feel for the terrain!


Competition / Re: oooolllldddd race results
« on: September 12, 2018, 11:21:18 PM »
Thinking about it some more I think my list is from 82
Alexandra ran a normal Enduro in 81 and moved to the Super Challenge in 82, not sure how many more they ran but I only rode the one.
By 82 my KLX would have had the 290 kit fitted

Perhaps you didn’t finish the race you entered in 1981 until 1982?


Foto Forum / Identity crisis?
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:16:59 PM »
I found this on Instagram. Honda CRF230F dressed up as a certain Spanish marque...

(Originally posted on Instagram by @crf230brasil)


Honda / Re: Honda QA50 Beast
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:13:20 PM »
Really enjoyed reading about your adventures on these bikes Alex.


Are there any final stats as to finishers and numbers?

Just shy of 220 entries. No way to measure finishers as such, but anecdotally I think most everyone rode at least some of the course.

2009: 18B, 1979 Suzuki PE175, no medals awarded
2010: 20A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, bronze
2011: 16A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, gold
2012: 32A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, silver
2013: 18A, 1981 Yamaha XT250, bronze
2014: 26C, 1977 Yamaha DT125, gold
2015: 97, 1981 Yamaha XT250, silver
2016: 115, 1981 Yamaha XT250, gold
2017: 33, 1981 Yamaha XT250, silver
2018: 46C, 1981 Yamaha XT250, gold

Might I add that to date I have a perfect Harrow record - 10 starts & 10 finishes!  ;D


What an event!

I arrived late to the party at the Hermitage Hotel on Friday night, which probably wasn’t a bad thing! As always it was a highlight to catch up with old friends, and make new ones, over a glass or two.

The short ride on Saturday was bliss. The sun shone, I was riding a great track with mates and all was good in the world. A minor step off didn’t spoil the buzz. A couple of laps around the grass track was enough for me and the XT250. Then it was back to the camp to refresh, and then assemble out the front of the Hermitage Hotel for group photos and a parade down the main street.

How cool was that? Two hundred odd vintage dirt bikes cruising through town! A magic moment.

Saturday night dinner is always good value. Prize giveaways from sponsors is always a nice touch. The auction for the coveted first starting positions was done with much hilarity, and I’m impressed at the amount of money put up for a good cause by the bidders.

There wasn’t much sunshine on Sunday morning, and some overnight rain had dealt with any dust you might’ve been able to find.

Bikes were off in quick succession and it was game on again. Conditions were noticeably more slippery than the previous day.

The toll bridge was a treat, and I’ve never crossed a bridge before where you have to go through water to get on and off it! I got a nice soaking as I exited.

With the slippin’ and slidin’ in full swing I dropped the front wheel over a bank and was precariously balanced on the verge of full submersion in deep water until a riding buddy grabbed the back of the bike and we carefully dragged it out of danger. I’m waiting to see if my other mate caught the incident on his Go-Pro.

Aside from that minor hiccup, the day was going well so far. Back through town, and after a quick splash of fuel it was time to set out for the rest of the ride.

A big thank-you to the sweep rider who helped out when the XT suddenly stopped.  We got it re-started. I caught up with my two buddies who’d been waiting for me down the track, and we pressed on.

At one point the low ground clearance of the XT saw me wedged after choosing the wrong rut. Drag it out, continue on.

I stepped into knee deep water to help a mate get his bike off a rock. If there were any dry spots in my boots, they were thoroughly soaked now. On the other side we stopped and I lent a spanner to a rider with a drowned Husky, while we caught our breath.

I loved the tight sandy single track through the bush areas. I hated the slimy, muddy track that ran forever beside those big dams. The rest of the day was pure Harrow Vinduro: riding through those big paddocks, looking for arrows, negotiating creeks, slimy logs, spine tingling off camber trails, and all the other stuff that makes this event so unique and hard to put into words.

I witnessed a couple of hilarious crashes courtesy of my riding buddy, the best being a high-side that sent him sliding on his face down a creek bank until a fence post stopped him from going into the water.

A successful crossing of the river at the camp ground marked the completion of my tenth Harrow Vinduro, and I’d earned a gold medal as well. Perfect.

A big thanks to all who made it happen, and in particular the township of harrow which always makes us so welcome.


Yeah, nah, neither ready here. Trying to get an IT200L to Harrow as the IT400D nearly killed me last year.

I'm thinking some suspension might be a little more useful.

Except that I pulled my wheels out last weekend to put new tyres on and they are rooted. The straight one is full of aluminium rot and the unrotted one is as pissed as ten men. And my mag rotor is looking decidedly shady.

Anyone parting out an IT200 in Melbourne?

Take the 400 to Harrow. Drink beer. Tell tall tales. Ride the 400 at Harrow. Problem solved.  ;)


in order to secure a coveted gold medal at the 10 year anniversary Harrow Vinduro i have embarked on a spartan training regime....

beer consumption--up by two stubbies a night..increasing to three in the last week ( this is on top of the std 6 pack)
physical exercise - minimised on all accounts
diet-- pizza now four nights a week, special with the lot only!
motorbike riding- testing only (dont want to fall off before the event!)

with this in train and religiously adhered to, im in good shape to grab the gold!!

Now, that's a training regime I can relate to, and replicate! 8)


Someone had a crack on a IT465 but didn't finish. Another guy did manage to finish on an XR250 though (don't know what year).


From the ABC News website:

Former Dakar champion Toby Price has been crowned king of the desert, after winning a record-breaking sixth Finke Desert Race motorbikes title.

More than 100 cars and 500 motorbikes raced from Alice Springs, along a rough dirt track to the small community of Apatula — formerly known as Finke — and back again over two days.

The champion rider finished the gruelling 460-kilometre course in 03:55:25.1.

It was a precision ride for Price, who recorded a time difference of only six seconds between his two days riding the course.

He said the record-breaking title was sweeter than his previous wins.

"Fingers crossed the sixth stays there for a while, if I don't come back and do it on the bikes again, I don't want anyone beating that anytime soon," Price said.

However, the victory was bittersweet.

Price was attempting a double-win, in both the car and motorbike divisions, but was forced to forfeit the former when his trophy truck had a mechanical failure.

"It's a bummer, it would have been nice to try and go one-one with the thing," he said.

"It is what it is. Nothing really should be made to go at speeds like that across that terrain.

"It's understandable that things break and things happen."

Hospital staff in Alice Springs were kept busy, with almost forty people presenting to the hospital with injuries.

Thirty-two competitors were injured and 14 spectators suffered minor injuries.

There were no life-threatening injuries, with the majority of the patients requiring treatment for joint dislocations and fractured arms or legs.


For Sale / Re: 2018 swap meets
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:45:13 AM »
QB Swap Meet
Racecourse Reserve, Maldon, Vic
Sunday 10 June 2018 from 7am
Entry $ 5 / Stalls $20

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