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Yeah, nah, neither ready here. Trying to get an IT200L to Harrow as the IT400D nearly killed me last year.

I'm thinking some suspension might be a little more useful.

Except that I pulled my wheels out last weekend to put new tyres on and they are rooted. The straight one is full of aluminium rot and the unrotted one is as pissed as ten men. And my mag rotor is looking decidedly shady.

Anyone parting out an IT200 in Melbourne?

Take the 400 to Harrow. Drink beer. Tell tall tales. Ride the 400 at Harrow. Problem solved.  ;)


in order to secure a coveted gold medal at the 10 year anniversary Harrow Vinduro i have embarked on a spartan training regime....

beer consumption--up by two stubbies a night..increasing to three in the last week ( this is on top of the std 6 pack)
physical exercise - minimised on all accounts
diet-- pizza now four nights a week, special with the lot only!
motorbike riding- testing only (dont want to fall off before the event!)

with this in train and religiously adhered to, im in good shape to grab the gold!!

Now, that's a training regime I can relate to, and replicate! 8)


Someone had a crack on a IT465 but didn't finish. Another guy did manage to finish on an XR250 though (don't know what year).


From the ABC News website:

Former Dakar champion Toby Price has been crowned king of the desert, after winning a record-breaking sixth Finke Desert Race motorbikes title.

More than 100 cars and 500 motorbikes raced from Alice Springs, along a rough dirt track to the small community of Apatula — formerly known as Finke — and back again over two days.

The champion rider finished the gruelling 460-kilometre course in 03:55:25.1.

It was a precision ride for Price, who recorded a time difference of only six seconds between his two days riding the course.

He said the record-breaking title was sweeter than his previous wins.

"Fingers crossed the sixth stays there for a while, if I don't come back and do it on the bikes again, I don't want anyone beating that anytime soon," Price said.

However, the victory was bittersweet.

Price was attempting a double-win, in both the car and motorbike divisions, but was forced to forfeit the former when his trophy truck had a mechanical failure.

"It's a bummer, it would have been nice to try and go one-one with the thing," he said.

"It is what it is. Nothing really should be made to go at speeds like that across that terrain.

"It's understandable that things break and things happen."

Hospital staff in Alice Springs were kept busy, with almost forty people presenting to the hospital with injuries.

Thirty-two competitors were injured and 14 spectators suffered minor injuries.

There were no life-threatening injuries, with the majority of the patients requiring treatment for joint dislocations and fractured arms or legs.


For Sale / Re: 2018 swap meets
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:45:13 AM »
QB Swap Meet
Racecourse Reserve, Maldon, Vic
Sunday 10 June 2018 from 7am
Entry $ 5 / Stalls $20

Vinduro / Re: VERi Beaufort Vinduro - Sunday 27 May 2018
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:16:40 PM »
it was one of those days.

Don't be too hard on yourself - you definitely saved me some time on Section 3 by kindly pointing out that I'd missed the same corner as you!  ;D

What a great ride! Bike was running poorly, but I still had a great time - I had a low-speed fall thanks to one of the hundreds of slippery logs across the track, and a heart-in-the-mouth moment on a long downhill, but all good.

Those pine sections - how bloody good were they?!  8) Definitely a highlight. Big thanks to the plantation owner for letting us ride thru there.

The "beerduro" the night before was a highlight too. I think this aspect might be becoming a 'thing' as they say!

Great ride with great people. You can't get much better really.


Vinduro / Re: VERi Beaufort Vinduro - Sunday 27 May 2018
« on: May 21, 2018, 08:52:45 PM »
Whats the club organizing for weather this year

Just for you GMC...



Vinduro / Re: VERi Beaufort Vinduro - Sunday 27 May 2018
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:43:28 PM »
Some details about the event itself:

* Section 1: to the Chute Check = 8 kms. (time for riders/mates to regroup, sort problems etc with a bitumen road back to the start if necessary.
* Section 2: HVP pines and some bush = 20 kms.
* Section 3: Mt Cole  = 40 kms.
* Section 4: HVP pines and Red Hill Road home to Raglan =15 kms.

Refuel will mostly likely be at Check 2 (28 kms).

Please note that all details are subject to change.

Also, erstwhile club volunteers Mick & Rach will be sweating over a BBQ for breakfast and lunch on Sunday (only).


Vinduro / Re: VERi Beaufort Vinduro - Sunday 27 May 2018
« on: May 15, 2018, 09:42:58 PM »
Getting to the 2018 Beaufort vinduro:

The start/finish/camping/pits/etc is located at the Raglan Recreation Reserve in Raglan.

From the service station in Beaufort on the Western Hwy, turn towards Amphitheatre and Raglan onto Havelock St, and then turn left onto King St. Follow King St over the railway tracks and out of town. King St becomes Main Lead Rd. Main Lead Rd then becomes Raglan-Elmhurst Rd once you pass the Amphitheatre Rd turn off on the right. Raglan Reserve is on the right not far on.

If travelling from Elmhurst direction, take the Raglan-Elmhurst Road south until you reach Raglan. In this case the reserve will be on the left as you are leaving Raglan.

If travelling from Ararat on the Western Highway you can turn left at the Eurambeen-Raglan Road, then right at Grant Lane, and right again onto Main Lead Road. The reserve will be on your left a short distance thereafter. Travellers from Ararat can also continue to Beaufort and take Main Lead Road as described above.

The VicRoads Country Directory (8th edition) reference is Map 57, G7.

There'll be signage in Raglan on Saturday & Sunday.

See you there!


Vinduro / Re: Vintage Class A4DE
« on: May 13, 2018, 10:39:13 PM »
I also bought the latest ADB but I didn't interpret it badly like you did.

I didn't attend the A4DE, and so have no first hand experience. I thought the article in the latest ADB showed the vintage riders in a good light.


Vinduro / Re: Three Bridges Vinduro (VERi): 28 - 29 April 2018
« on: April 29, 2018, 10:57:20 PM »
What a day! I'm so glad I made the trip down.

There were four separate loops, of increasing difficulty with 'one' being the easiest and so on. I was happy to complete one turn of each on my XT250, and then a last spin around loop one before calling it quits. I've not ridden much lately, and I'm already aching but I thoroughly enjoyed the interesting riding conditions.

The "beerduro" the night before just made it a perfect weekend.


Ok, I don't get to brag too often (ok, never) but I think I must be in a pretty select group, having ridden and finished every Harrow vinduro.

I've listed the year, rider number, bike and medal below.

2009: 18B, 1979 Suzuki PE175, no medals awarded
2010: 20A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, bronze
2011: 16A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, gold
2012: 32A, 1979 Suzuki PE175, silver
2013: 18A, 1981 Yamaha XT250, bronze
2014: 26C, 1977 Yamaha DT125, gold
2015: 97, 1981 Yamaha XT250, silver
2016: 115, 1981 Yamaha XT250, gold
2017: 33, 1981 Yamaha XT250, silver
2018: ?

I'm really looking forward to making it ten, or have I jinxed myself?

Who else has ridden all (or most) of the Harrow Vinduros since 2009?


Vinduro / Re: Vintage Class A4DE
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:04:18 PM »
Any ride reports? Anyone willing to share their experience?

Plenty of stories, videos and pics... all on Facebook.  :-\


Vinduro / Re: Vintage Class A4DE
« on: April 11, 2018, 10:57:36 AM »
I see that Michael Turner managed a respectable finish in the Masters (modern) class on his IT250, well done that man!


Kawasaki / Re: Kawasaki KE100 compliance??
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:00:09 AM »
I would've assumed they were ADR compliant, but maybe not.


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