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Wanted / Re: Yamaha IT175J Piston Wanted
« on: October 21, 2019, 02:08:27 PM »
Thanks viper666 got your pm. Fortunately with help from a FB site user have been able to locate a 4th o/s genuine 5x8 piston from USA, it's on it's way now so all going well immediate problem solved. Have already got the Prox 1.75 as a back up and I know they are OK for this model but just didn't want to bore it that far out right now and lose the 1mm of remaining bore. As far as the other 1.5 o/s listed from uk from my investigations I think they may be a Chinese piston rebranded and have read somewhere about poss not suiting the J/K models, but not sure so as you say pretty cheap may be worth a look at as another back up, unless anybody on here has used and can give a comment, that would be a great assist.
Thanks and regards

Wanted / Yamaha IT175J Piston Wanted
« on: October 11, 2019, 03:54:40 PM »
Hi, anybody got a 4th or 5th over size ( 1mm or 1.25mm) piston they would like to sell or a source. Big end failure just wrecked my genuine 5X8 3rd o/s piston recently installed ????????. Can't find anything on eBay or in dealer stocks around the country. Nothing avail Prox under 1.75mm and don't want to go that far and use up all remaining bore.
My only other option seems to be repin another model piston, possibly a 2N5/2A7 or a 3R6, has anybody done this and has positive or negative outcome.
Or has anybody got any other ideas/options, seems to be an issue that many could be facing unless they already have back up Pistons
Many thanks any comments/advice.

Yamaha / Re: IT 175J intake manifold
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:09:33 PM »
Hi James
Thanks for your reply and suggestions. That has given me something to think about. Am reluctant to get another new repro item as quality has been so bad on the two I have purchased but I do now have aluminium manifold plate that I could hack out of the repro item and maybe modify and adapt as you have suggested using the second unit as a template. The original does have a stuffer so will need to work on that aspect, its also got the boost bottle pipe outlet but all seems possible. Noted the Amal rubber mount - looks good. Cant machine or weld aluminium myself but am sure can find someone. Again thanks for advice

Yamaha / IT 175J intake manifold
« on: July 14, 2019, 03:19:16 PM »
Hi all
Just after some ideas or recommendations re ongoing problems with Yamaha IT175J intake manifold. Original was very cracked (appeared to be on outside only) so to be on safe side decided to replace with the current repro items. First one purchased had flaws/leaks in rubber to metal bond plus the rubber body itself, unnoticed at first, which possibly part contributed to a major engine failure, second one has just shown the same flaws after only 6 or so rides and with possibility of air leaks I have removed. Now I am back to resurrecting the original item which I have heavily coated on the outside with sikaflex sealant in the hope of sealing or preventing any possible air leaks. This I am hoping will be a suitable fix for next weekend ride, not sure if this will be a long term fix. Am reluctant to get a third repro item as quality seems very poor and they ain't cheap, am guessing this may be a problem for others so any current ideas other than the above (all searches only lead me to very old posts/info) can another model be adapted (don't know if this will solve the quality problem though), is there something else available (I only seem to be able to find the one USA source avail of the repro item - postage is mind blowing) and J model item seems very rare. Any ideas appreciated.

Have entered and had confirmed my entry for Pyramul ride this weekend but havnt received ride info and map. Assume it was out last weekend but have had some pc problems over the weekend which may have lost email. Have sent email yesterday requesting resend.
Can anybody confirm info and directions are out.
Also can I get a copy if available

Email resent

Nothing received here from my email enquiry also.
Happy to join on day but also want to secure an entry for event

Hi oz555ktm
Many thanks your reply, no worries will wait, have MA licence so no day licence req
Yes have a KTM, 99 640Enduro - not vintage but getting there, plus a 650VStrom(hence the katostrom thing????).
But for this event am hopefully riding a newly acquired IT175J. I say hopefully as on purchase I discovered a dodgy gearbox, just finished a rebuild with new s/hand gears and shift forks sourced from USA and first run last night, seems good so far so will finish assembly and test run this weekend. IT175 was one of my enduro bikes many years ago so keen to have another ride these bikes.

Trying to get info for membership and entry this event. Sent email with details to as per instructions but no reply. Tried same email for prev Bulahdelah event but also got no response (yes know event was eventually changed) but still not sure if need to do something else as unable to get any reply again. Any help appreciated.

Wanted / Yamaha IT175K gearbox parts
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:32:37 PM »
Looking for gearbox parts Yamaha IT175J, need gear selector fork part no 3R3-18513-00-00, slots into 6th wheel gear on drive shaft, plus all gears on drive shaft ( or a complete set gears/shafts etc ).
Desperately trying to get it going for my first Vinduro at Buladelah

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