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All Systems Go Go Go ......

Don't forget That the Bulahdelah Lions Club will Be on Hand Both saturday and Sunday
to Cook Breakfast and Lunch ,Coffee Cold drinks ETC ..

Please Support the Lions Club as the Lions Club Supports the Bulahdelah Community

SEE you at Bulla ....

Crawford River @ Bulahdelah Rider Info and MAP was Just sent to your Email that if you Entered ..

To Night the 14/4/2018 time 9.20pm .

So if you did not get the Crawford River @ Bulahdelah Rider Info and MAP.. Because Sometimes Stit Happen and I do not know where they Go ..

Then Email VTR and we will resend it as you need the INFO to Find the Place ...SEE you all at Bulla

Just a Few Photo from to day at Bulahdelah ...Nice and Mowed Loop and Still Moisture in the Ground see photo 6 Hope to get some Rain Saturday ..Thanks in advance to Justin , Chris , Bernard , Grant , Steve , Glen and Kel with your help at Bulla this Sunday ..It was Fantastic that we had 18 Members volunteer to help on Sunday some was going to drive 4 hours to help .. Thanks you to the members we told to Stay Home and See you next week . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just Show how Good the members are at VTR

You still Have time to Ride if you do it Quick ..Want to know how to enter Click hear

Time is Running Out if you want to Come and Ride the Crawford River Vinduro @  Bulahdelah ..

Enters Will close on the 14th of April or when we Hit Limit ...we are 12 off from That Limit


News Update from Bulla working Bee ..

Everything is looking Very Green to Day No Dust  Just Beautiful Green Grass   .Just hope the Hot weather stays a way ....
even a Bit more rain still will be Nice ...
The Camping Ground is Now 50% bigger  That will give us all a bit more room ...

We will be useing 3 Farms this year and Kel & Glen are working Hard to Make this year Crawford River Vinduro Better than Last ..

Big Thank to Roger ,Glen and Kel for all of your Hard work ...

That We are all Going to have Fun on the 21st & 22nd of this Month .

and Don't FORGET to Enter By the 14th of April

WOW WOW WOW  Look at Thats ...Get the Bikes Ready and Pack the Camping Gear ...

A Hard earned Thirst deserves  a Beer


In 10 Days entry will Close ......

Best you Email VTR Now ....


Bulla is on target all is going Very Well  and we are blown away with the Entry  and we have a Lot of Campers so

You will not need to Cook Breakfast or Lunch on Saturday or Sunday as the Bulahdelah Lions Club will be on hand to Cook for you so bring a Bit of extra Cash and Buy ya Breakfast and Lunch Drinks & Coffee /tea and Support the Lions Club of Bulahdelah

Youtube Videos / Copeton Vinduro
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:18:30 PM »
a Youtube Video of the Copeton 2 Day ..



VTR is Going Back to Bulahdelah the the Property known as Crawford River .
Last Year 2017 we Added a New Neighbour Farm to the Bulla Loop and This year we are adding another Neighbour Farm to the Other 2 from Last year..
So More Fun and More KMs of that Fun Riding you had last Year ..
Check out last Year
Kell and Glen Have Been working there Buts Off to Get This Vinduro ready and After Copeton there Lifting the Bar even Higher than Last Year ...     

You want to join in the Fun .

You will need to Emil VTR and Get a membership form ....
Bulla Entries  are Now Open But will CLOSE  on Saturday the 14th of April 2018 .

Go to the Home Page and read How to enter a Vinduro .
Warning .Dont Miss out on the Crawford River Vinduro @ Bulahdelah N.S.W ....
Check out some photo of Bulla of Past .... 


Great video. Thanks  :)
Do the riders still use helmet-cams ? Or has that been banned by the jobsworths ?

Yes Helmet Cameras are Band You can Not stick a Gopro or other Camera on your Helmet ....

   In Australia if your in  a Motorcycling Australia Event

a Youtube Video of the Copeton 2 Day ..


Rider info will go out to Night Due to Big weekend at Resto Expo Sorry..All System are Go Go Go for Copeton a Good turn out for the First VTR Vinduro for 2018 ..loop is Done thanks to the Hard working Team of VTr Members in Inverell ..Team Leader Darryl, Brad , Andrew , Gary ,Sam,Peter , Zac ..a Big thanks in advance for a Fantastic Ride ...If your still Keen for a Ride you better Do it Now as we are Gone on Wednesday and Can't answer you eMails and any Question ...See Ya at Copeton ....

All is Set for a Ripper  Weekend Copeton is Getting some very Good Rain ...

A Message from the Men on the Ground in Copeton ...

Have had real good rain now, and overcast days, so the area won't be drying out much. It is impossible to rain-out this area, the more rain the better, even the night before the event is still ok. Hoo-roo again from Brad.

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