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Vinduro / Re: VTR Vinduro Youtube Videos of 2017
« on: December 31, 2017, 06:20:08 PM »

Canowindra Vinduro   April 2017

Yass Vinduro  May 2017

VTR Vinduro Eugowra 2 Day Vinduro  June 2017

VTR Vinduro Putty Putty Road   July  2017

VTR Crawford River Vinduro August  2017

Braidwood Vinduro September  2017

 A Look from the Air (Drone)

VTR Vinduro Look from a Drone Eugowra 2017                                          

VTR Vinduro Drone Look at Yass 201

General Discussion / Re: Christmas 2017
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:33:16 PM »
 VTR  and all of it Member would Like to wish you all

General Discussion / Re: X-mas.
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:31:16 PM »
Thanks Natroy and we hear in the Office of VTr would Also wish you and everyOne 

Vinduro / VTR Vinduro Youtube Videos of 2017
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:12:22 PM »
Bit Bored over the Christmas Holidays ....Now that the Vinduro Season is Done ..Well Go back and Have a Look at the Fun and Games of 2017 , 2016

Just go and Visit the VTR Youtube  Videos

To have a look at the VTR Vinduro 2018 Vinduro Dates Check out the VTR Club Page ...

bump 241`70

Every One was a Winner at braidwood and Thanks to VMX Magazine for your Support in 2017 ...

The Lucky Winner of the World Famous VMX Magazine for 12 Months ..

Wow What a Weekend ...The Body is at work the the Brain in still in Bed to day ....

But the Media Department did get to Edit up this Small Look at the

 VTR Vinduro Braidwood 2 Day .....




The Braidwood Vinduro Info went out last Night if you are a Entered Rider and did not Get  It

You should     E Mail VTR NOW ...and get it sent you you ...

   See you at Braidwood ....

   The VTR Team

A Few Photo of the New Loop

WE Had a Top Weekend of Hard Work and a Bit of Fun too ..We got 2 Great Loops Loop A and Loop B .Loop A is around 12kms Long and Loop B is around 16kms Long and are Made up of New and Old is sume Photo again Big Thanks to Duncan , Alan , Jim , Ekka , Bill

Now we had a problem with one of the CT a broken Throttle Cable  But a Bit of Quick thinking and a spare Clutch Perch


    Only a few spots left we have hit the Max ride limit again of 170 riders ....

     once the last spots fill we will start a standby List ...


VTR Working Bee at Braidwood The VTR ACT Member Putin a Big Day ..Thanks Blokes ..Ekka , Paul K , Alan R and Dennis M

Well we set off to mark out New Ground and That we did started on the Easier Loop first picking up some Old trail and New and yes the Fire Trail will still be in this year that was so much fun ..end of Day a 8 Km easy Loop .Next working Bee on the 16th & 17th will be working on the 20km Hard Loop ... a few photos

 Ok if you want to enter this Vinduro you better get in soon

Only been open 24 hours and over 100 entry so far ..

Ok Members and Friends

This Year the Braidwood Vinduro will still have the 2 loop a Fun easy Ride and a longer Harder Loop .
over some Great Riding .
Saturday Night Fun Night with Raffles and Prizes and a look at the 2017 VTR Years on the Big screen Movies ...
The AGM will be at 7.00 pm ...
There Will Be NO CANTEEN or FOOD Provided at Braidwood 2017
Please note    NO GLASS at  Braidwood Vinduro as by Land owner / Permit conditions   .........
                                    Entry Cost        $60.00   Members
                                    Entry Cost        $80.00   Non Members
                                    Event License   $30.00    Motorcycling N.S.W   Weekend event Licence only
                             VTR Membership  $40.00 to 31-12-2018
   Friday        A  early Am entry Only  for Helpers at the Working Bee .. ...
                       Riders the Gates will be Open at  3.00 Pm for you to set  Up Only   No Starting of Bikes  .

   Saturday     Sign On 9.00am to  10.30am a short ride meeting .. then the Loop is open .
                                 a second sign on at 12.00  to 1.00pm ..Only
                                  Loop Close  5.00pm or earlier depending on numbers of riders out riding the loop ..
    Sunday       Sign On  to 8.30am a short ride meeting .. then the Loop is open .
                                 Loop Close 2.00pm or earlier depending on numbers of riders out riding the loop

You can Camp at venue But you Must fill in and Sign the Camping indemnity form
and Be Aware of the Camping Rule from  M.N.S.W  .
Only 1 Camp fire is allowed at Venue But Gas Heater are welcome .
Weather can change  so please be prepared for Hot or Cold and wet weather.
You will need to bring plenty of drinking water and food for the weekend  as there Will Be NO CANTEEN or FOOD Provided at Braidwood ....
Toilets will be on site in the camping area and  Hot Showers ..
All Rubbish must go home with you.. And Be aware NO Glass Bottles .
Your Camp  area  must  be left clean ..

There Will Be NO CANTEEN or FOOD Provided at Braidwood.2017.......

The VTR Team 2017 


Entry Open Soon

For Info on VTYR Vinduro Go to the Club Page

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