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General Discussion / CZ Sidepiper build
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:16:25 PM »
My wife purchased this bike for me a few years ago it was in the condition you love to find them. The bike was complete right down to the original clamps and even a set of new Barum tyres still wrapped in the original tape. Since then it has sat in my shed waiting it’s turn.!AgQ4GYI3-xPafZTVGH-yVUrQeuM!AgQ4GYI3-xPagQJUAcEdx4YCyTZX
  I started the build by getting the forks rechromed and the frame powder coated.  The fork bottoms and triple clamps were then polished and the forks rebuilt.

 The seat was in great condition so just a clean and wax conditioner for it.  The tank was also in good nick so, after trying to find the correct colour, I was pointed to a paint company that had the right one by Tony27 on the OZVMX forum. Tony among others has been a big help with information for this build.  I contacted a local paint company whose rep managed to find me a complete set of colour swatches, which were mainly for Fiat cars, but had every colour they had ever made and from them I selected the colour I believe to be right.  I had the paint tinted ready and a bit later I prepared and painted it.

 I had my son-in-law cut out a heat shield for the exhaust from stainless steel on a water jet cutter then I rolled it to the correct shape and fitted the brackets to hold it in place.  I repaired the chamber, removed a few dents and then I had the header pipe and chamber rechromed along with the kick starter, gear lever, handlebars and a heap of other bits and pieces.

 The fibreglass inner guard / airbox was repaired and painted along with the rear fender.

  I powder coated a heap of smaller parts using my do it yourself home powder coating system.

 The original foot pegs were solid mounted with no spring back so I fabricated a new mount and purchased a quality set of flip back pegs, powder coated then fitted them.
 The front guard was rough so I had to scrape all of the dry flaky shit off it then sand it with finer and finer wet and dry and then polished it and gave it a coat of clear.

  The wheels have been the biggest problem with the whole build. I purchased a set of stainless Buchanan spokes from USA which I was not happy with. When it came time to lace the wheels, the heads of the spokes were bigger than the originals and this caused a bit of anxiety but my mate who laced the rims for me has found this problem before and found a way around it.  I searched for a couple of years for the correct colour for the hubs.  Again heaps of help from forum members even had a member  Scootern29  who lives in USA go to the trouble of buying a can of paint which was close from a local supplier, painting a swatch for me and sending it to me in Australia free of charge. Thanks again Scott hopefully one day I will be able to repay the favour.  Many of the colours  were close but I am really fussy and like to get things right, so I went to a local auto paint supplier checked most of their colour cards, had a few tins tinted and eventually, after spending a heap of money, found what I believe is as close to being right as is possible.  It is a 2 to 1 mix of the last 2 tins I had tinted so, if I can manage to get some photos up and you think like me that the colour is right then I have all the info you will need to get your own tinted.

Just started on the motor, seems to be in great condition, still on standard bore which shows no sign of wear.  The bottom end is also great so a bullet dodged there.  I might get away with replacing the seals all around and hopefully have it finished for the show and shine weekend in March.
  As I do more I will try to update this post with a few more pictures.  ( That is if I have managed to get some to stick this time. 
p.s.  I have probably about 4 or 5 ltrs of different coloured golds in my spray booth more than I will ever use.

General Discussion / CZ Project
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:37:28 PM »

   I've been rebuilding a CZ side piper for a while and was going to put a thread on here about the whole restoration.  The problem is now that Photobucket has made a complete arse of themselves I find it impossible to load the photos onto this site.  I joined another host for a free 1 month thing but the photos copied onto here were only average, Hoony improved them a bit but they were still not as good as Photobucket.  I have been taking photos right through the build, from doing up the frame to polishing most of the alloy, painting, rechroming, rebuilding shocks, wheels the whole thing, a lot of work and I don't just want to put a couple of lines on here without showing the complete build including photos.  Anyone no of a free host that is ok for us users with only basic computer skills or should I try to put the rebuild up on another place and maybe put a link on here so any members interested can have a look.

Husqvarna / 360 Auto
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:32:48 PM »
   A friend of mine is doing a rebuild on a 360cc Auto from the 70's.  He has asked me if I know anyone that he can get info from regarding this build.  The main problem he has is he hasn't got a computer, he told me he sometimes goes to his local library and uses theirs but I think he just bumbles through.  I know nothing about these autos, so I am of little help to him.  I have let him know about a couple of good Husky ebay sites but I think he just wants to be able to ask a question or 2 when the need arises.
   If anyone knows of someone that I could put him in touch with or a good information site, this might help.

General Discussion / Another new friggin tax
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:14:52 PM »
   Another tax but this one we pay directly to the beer and soft drink companies.  It seems these companies are prepared to administer the collection centres for the new container deposit scheme in NSW out of the goodness of their hearts.  This extra tax has been put in place to appease the greens and is suppose to stop the containers being discarded.   Instead everyone will return them to the collection centres and put them 1 at a time into the reverse vending machines along with your details so they can give you your refund via Paypal or similar, ( no chance that info would be shared or of getting a heap of nuisance emails etc from a site as secure as a bloody vending machine ).  It's great news if like me you live in Cessnock NSW because we only have to drive to Singleton or Newcastle for our closest centre a round trip of about 80km which will cost me more than I would expect to get back for the cans.  These centres are expected be open for around 28 hours a week for deposits and 8 hours of that will be at weekends.  The weekend crowds waiting for their turn will look like the opening of the friggin Olympics.  I imagine that the extra profit for the drink companies will make will be unreal when they estimate the cost of a case of pepsi might increase by as much as $4.80,  I usually buy them when they are on special for around $10. Of that $4.80 increase I expect they might buy back only a very small percentage of those sold and the difference is all profit, no wonder they are so happy to help out.   It may end up working but I doubt it will make any difference to the amount of drink containers discarded.

General Discussion / Vale Bob Tait
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:46:23 PM »
  Lost a mate in July this year.  Bob Tait who was probably the smartest man I have ever known, designed and built a 3 cylinder 500cc 2 stoke bike back in the 70's, doing most of the work himself including the frame.  He was building another one at the time of his death, this one a 750cc using 3 Greeves barrels but I guess that one will never get finished.  He designed the front end for the British land speed record attempt and wrote and published at least 2 books.  All of this is incidental, the fact is he was a really good bloke and a good mate of mine for a long time.
  He lost his wife a while back and never really got over it.   We used to talk on the phone for sometimes a couple of hours at a time, he was a very interesting fella and the time used to just fly.  I had been trying to ring him for a couple of months without success and because I met Bob when we were both members of the Dot owners club back in the 80's I contacted them to see if they new how he was getting on or if he had moved closer to family or maybe gone into a retirement village.  The last thing I expected to hear was that he had passed away.

General Discussion / gumtree
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:58:33 PM »

   Lately when I get onto gumtree there seems to be a problem getting to see the item I am looking for.  I asked to see steel beam and amongst the beams there were caravans, air conditioners and household items etc.  Is there someway where people pay money so their ad appears on screen no matter whether it has been asked for or not.  This seems to the only answer I can think of.

General Discussion / caller ID
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:37:59 PM »

   Ever miss a phone call and wonder who it was.   Well  I came across this while browsing. Type in a landline phone number and it shows the name, address etc.   It will also work with  mobile numbers but they must be listed in the white pages.


General Discussion / New forge photos
« on: September 10, 2017, 08:44:34 PM »
  This is a photo of the Forge on it's stand. You can see the acetylene regulator I fitted, the BBQ type reg restricted the gas flow to much to the home made burner which goes into the top of the forge.

  In this photo you can see the position of the Hebel blocks and the fire bricks that make up the floor.

 This is the view from the back and it shows the insulated door which when open allows me to put longer length steel through if I need to heat it in the centre and when closed helps retain the heat.

 The next 2 photos show the Forge with the front sliding doors in open and closed position. The sliding doors allow me to close them,  just leaving room for access to the heat.

These last 2 photos show my home made anvil and heavy stand, in the 2nd photo you can see the Hardy hole plus the 12mm round hole.

General Discussion / New Forge
« on: September 07, 2017, 07:54:53 PM »
  Just finished building myself a forge and also an anvil.  The forge is made with a metal outer box and insulated with Hebel blocks around 100mm thick and with a floor made from fire bricks.  It has a insulated door on the back and sliding doors on the front to keep the heat in. The forge is mounted on a trolley so it can be moved out of the way when not being used. The unit is heated using a home made gas burner and is capable of temperatures hot enough the forge weld.  The gas cylinder is also mounted in the trolley under the forge.  I can't afford to buy a real anvil so I made one out of a billet of steel about 160mm square and 360mm long.  I didn't fancy drilling a hole through it and then having to file it square for a Hardy hole, so I drilled the hole on my mill and then cut the female end off a 3/4 inch socket extension bar which was a press fit for the hole, now that it's filled it makes a nice Hardy hole to mount my anvil accessory tools.  The anvil is mounted on a robust frame which brings it up to a good working height. Welded on a couple of brackets for tools then made myself a forging hammer, now I'm ready for some black smithing.  I have attached a couple of photos of the forge and also one of the anvil.



General Discussion / Welding gas choices
« on: July 31, 2017, 05:47:46 PM »

  just signed up with BOC to supply me size G mig welding gas.  Never thought I would have anymore to do with actually hiring a cylinder,  was prepared to buy and save money.  But the current deals are worth having a look at.

Dear Zane,
As discussed please be advised your first refill of the 065G (Argoshield Universal) will be provided to you Free of Charge upon presenting your G Plan Quote in store.
Your first supply does not account as your free refill under the G Plan Offer so you still have another complimentary refill
included as apart of your G Plan to redeem between July 2017 - July 2018.
If you encounter any issues whilst you're in store please get the Agent to contact us on 1300 728 029.
Once you have been supplied your first cylinder please come back to us to advise so we can get you set up on to our G Plan Offer.
Kind Regards,
Anita Lam
Customer Support Specialist
BOC Limited - A member of The Linde Group
10 Julius Avenue, North Ryde NSW 2112 Australia
Phone: 1300 781 071
Fax: 1300 369 440

On 26/07/2017 5:15 PM, wrote:
Hi Anita Lam,

Here is a record of the quote you provided for the following customer.
G Plan Quote
Date:   26/07/2017
Account Number:   xxxxxxxxxx
Account Name:   ZANE CURRIE
Address:   xxxxxxxxxxxx
Suburb/City:   CESSNOCK
State:   NSW
Post Code:   2325

   There is a also a free refill every year after that.  If I went with a local supplier (Gasweld)  it would cost me around $650 to buy a full G size cylinder, and then $199 for any refills after that.  I think the current BOC deal suits me because I don't have the initial outlay of around $650 just $249 a year and that also incudes the free cyl each year.   I cylinder lasts me around a year so it fits me to a tee.

General Discussion / Mig wire cheap
« on: July 31, 2017, 05:17:01 PM »

  A mate of mine has given away working for himself and is selling off some of his stock.  This stuff will suit someone with a serious mig welder.  He has about 15 rolls of new weldclass platinum 71-xm flux core 1.6 x 15Kg welding wire for sale. This is not the gasless shit, but good heavy duty wire.   It needs to go so $100 you can have the lot.
  Contact me and I will give you his details.

General Discussion / NBN
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:59:34 PM »
Been inundated with junk type mail for a couple of weeks now.  All trying to get us to sign up for the NBN, which is now available in my area.  With all of the complains I have heard I'm not sure I want the bloody thing and at the prices they are asking it seems to be more unlikely every day.  None of the mail is from Telstra.  So do they have a finger in that pie as well or not.
  I have a Telstra bundle that includes all free phone calls to landlines and mobiles also dirt cheap overseas calls, it also includes platinum Foxtel, 2 mobiles and 500 gig internet coverage. So for me all the NBN means is a way for the phone company's  to stuff up this bundle that suits me.
  If any of you blokes are using the NBN can you answer these questions for me.
 (1)  Does the landline phone have to be linked to your modem?
 (2) How many phone outlets are you allowed to have?
 (3) Do you still have to use the filters on all of the outlets like we do now?

 I can understand if you live somewhere with limited internet and phone coverage and the NBN helps but not for me, to expensive and unreliable.


General Discussion / Rego
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:03:53 PM »

  My car came due for rego on the 4/5/17 so I payed the green slip then had the roadworthy check done.  They then sent the safety check report to the RTA via the internet and told me because I am a pensioner and for me there is no rego fee to pay I won't need to go to the RTA the whole thing was done electronically. ( Great idea )
  This morning I get a notice from the RTA saying that our car has been unregistered since the 4th May.  I phoned them and waited for (22 minutes), it would have been quicker to drive to the RTA but not in a unregister car.  They then told me that they had not receive a notification from GIO saying that green slip had been payed, and that if I had been stopped by police I would be liable for fines of at least $1200.   So I rang GIO waited (6 minutes) the woman I spoke to told me that it had been payed but for some unknown reason it hadn't been sent to the RTA but she would do immediately and ring me back, well that didn't happen and I'm not surprised ( incompetent arseholes )
   I waited until 3pm and phoned the RTA again, I have just got off the phone now ( 27 minutes ) to be told yes your car is now registered.
  All of these changes to the rules to make things easier for us dumb arsed tax payers, maybe they work most times but when they don't, then they can have serious consequences.  Everyone has to do their job for it to work and if one lazy bastard doesn't then the end user has to pay not the cockhead who caused the problem.
  Well I feel like I have a cauliflower ear, from being on the phone for almost an hour sorting out this bullshit.  So now it's time for a nice big bourbon and next rego I will go down to the RTA.

p.s. I know it's not called the RTA anymore but I couldn't be bothered typing the new name. ( that change is even more bullshit )

Tech Talk / Welding gases
« on: May 14, 2017, 10:44:05 PM »

   Well my welding gases are all empty and I am not prepared to be ripped off anymore by BOG.  So I am thinking about going with one of those buy the bottle and then pay a fee and swap for a full bottle.  Then when its no longer needed you get your money back when the bottles are returned.  Sounds like a better deal but Bunnings only keep D size cylinders (not big enough),  other company's like Gasweld have a full range of sizes but they don't keep acetylene.  I know I can set it up to use LPG but I don't think it burns hot enough to weld.  I would eventually like to have a argoshield 50 or similar for my Mig welder and also oxy and acet for welding and heating. I still have about half a bottle on argon for welding aluminium but I rarely use it, so hopefully it will last for a while. 
  Over the years people ask can you do a bit of welding on a trailer or broken gate and you just do it for them and never charge for it, but it's getting to a stage now where the money you have to pay to have and use these tools will make the free job a thing of the past.
   So who has the best price for this type of gas supply, has anyone on this forum gone down this route and are there any pit falls I need to look out for.

Tech Talk / Cracked head
« on: May 09, 2017, 07:44:19 PM »
   A mate dropped in today with this head, it has a crack between the spark plug holes which seems to be about 6mm deep, so not through to the top of the thread.  I think it's off a 250  Elsinore motor fitted to a Honda Odyssey dune buggy thing.  He has been told that it might be ok to leave it as is and only to worry about it if it gets worse, I tend to think that if it were mine I would have it ground out and welded.  So anyone had this problem and what is the best option.  I have attached a photo so hopefully the crack is visible.

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