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General Discussion / Any recommendations for machinery movers in Sydney?
« on: September 26, 2020, 02:51:24 PM »
In the near future, I need to move some workshop machinery (400kg lathe, 1000kg milling machine, pedestal drill, tool & cutter grinder, band saw, power hacksaw, hydraulic press and some sundry items) from one place in Sydney's inner west to another - a distance of about 10km as the crow flies.

With the smaller items, I would be reasonably confident just hiring a small to medium flatbed/dropside truck (equipped with a basic crane) myself and roping in a friend to help. However, mistakes due to my inexperience with transporting machinery may be costly where the larger items are concerned! I would therefore be glad to know whether anyone can offer any testimonials in favour of transport firms or individuals who are particularly experienced in moving this sort of machinery.

This should not be a big job for someone with the right gear and could likely be completed in three trips...or less if the truck is big enough. I'd prefer recommendations based on personal experience, but any leads may be useful.

Thanks & regards,

Yamaha / YZ125 cylinder head O-ring groove
« on: September 21, 2020, 08:56:18 PM »
Anyone got a YZ125 cylinder (1986 or later) lying about from which they could take some measurements?

I'm looking for the dimensions of the O-ring groove for the combustion chamber (ID, OD, depth).

There are/were different O-rings used for sealing the combustion chamber, depending on the year of manufacture:

93210-65721 - YZ125 1986-1993
93210-63442 - YZ125 1994 onwards

If anyone is in a position to supply measurements, please let me know the year and/or model code of the cylinder you have measured.

Thanks in advance & regards,

Suzuki / PE250B Vintage Supermotard
« on: December 28, 2019, 01:05:07 PM »
This isn't quite finished, but there isn't much left to do.

It isn't an 'off-road' bike any more, so may not be to everyone's taste!

More photos and info here:


Suzuki / RH67 for sale in Japan...
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:38:20 PM »
I came across this by chance:

I don't know a great deal about these bikes, so can't tell whether this one is genuine or original. Still, I know they are rare so thought it may be of interest to forum members.


For Sale / Suzuki PE250B replica brake light switch springs
« on: April 04, 2019, 11:59:46 PM »

I wanted a spare for my own bike, but the part (09448-13005) is no longer available from Suzuki. I found a few on Ebay from USA at reasonable prices, but the postage costs were astronomical. There is one on Ebay at the moment - A$11 for the spring and A$70 for postage  ::) .

I approached a local spring maker and he agreed to copy my original using stainless spring steel. However, his minimum charge gave me more springs than I could possibly use. Therefore, I have a few spares available.

The first photo shows the size of the original spring, while the second photo shows the original and one of the replicas side-by-side.

As these are small, I presume they could be sent in a standard envelope for the cost of a normal letter. If this proves to be the case, I will not charge any extra for postage within Australia. Postage to anywhere outside Australia will be at cost. The price for one replica spring is A$8.
Inspection and collection welcome if you're in Sydney (located Inner West). Payment by cash or by PayPal (if the buyer pays the charges), alternatively COD in Australia. Any questions, please ask. Please register your interest by replying to this post, then contact me by PM.

I can't imagine the demand for these will be huge, but I know there are still some PE250Bs out there... These springs may also suit Australian C and/or N models if they were equipped with a brake light (maybe also PE175C or N...?).

Thanks & regards,

For Sale / Suzuki DR500 tacho drive - possibly
« on: April 04, 2019, 11:37:00 PM »

I think this is a tacho drive assembly for a DR500X, but only because it looks identical to the drawing in the parts catalogue (it looks different to the one shown in the DR400T/X catalogue). The pinion gear (possibly 26431-37400) may also fit SP500, while the 'housing' (possibly 26441-49000) may fit assorted GN, GS and GSX models. Whatever the case, it is of no use to me. It is in good clean working order. Free if you collect or pay the postage.

Located in Sydney's Inner West. Will post anywhere at cost - payment for postage by cash or by PayPal (if the buyer pays the charges), alternatively COD in Australia. Any questions, please ask. If anyone knows that this is not for a DR500 (or if it fits anything else I haven't already suggested), please let me know!
Please register your interest by replying to this post, then contact me by PM.

Thanks & regards,

For Sale / Yamaha DT200R and WR200 assorted parts - mainly engine
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:07:28 PM »
On offer here is two separate lots of parts. All are located in Sydney's Inner West and can be inspected by appointment. Payments can be made by cash or PayPal (if the buyer pays the PayPal charges). I'll also send them COD in Australia if wanted. Postage (if required) will be at cost. Any questions, please ask!

Thanks & regards,

1. Yamaha DT200R

These parts suit 1988 models onwards (3ET base model). Some may also fit earlier 37F/1TG/2LR models (and indeed other Yamahas), but please do your own research before committing.

Engine casing - Two bare matching halves from 3CJ model (Australian market version of 3ET base model). Good condition, although need cleaning. Can be used without need for repair. One M6 thread for the magneto/sprocket cover looks a bit dodgy, but it still seems to do its job (a bolt screws in and out OK).

Flywheel magneto assembly x2 - Both in good used condition, slight damage to PVC wiring sleeve, all coil resistances within specification (as per factory workshop manual), all connectors OK.

Wiring loom - Dirty, but seems structurally sound. One or two spade or bullet connectors missing from ends of wires, but plastic multi-way connectors all look OK.

CDI unit, rectifier-regulator and 'control unit' - The control unit is the device which decides whether to allow the engine to start based on the positions of the neutral switch and side stand switch. These electrical parts (along with one of the flywheel magnetos and the wiring loom) were sold to me as "working, from a running bike" about 10 years ago, but I ended up not going ahead with the project I was going to use them on. All parts look OK, but I haven't been able to prove that they work.

Assorted coolant pipes and hoses - All look OK.

Rubber gasket for magneto/sprocket cover - Good condition.

Front sprocket - Worn, but may be useful for pattern or emergency purposes.

Gear selector drum - Looks good, bearing seems OK.

Gear selector shaft - Pedal splines very worn, but remainder OK. Could be repaired or modified for use.

Kickstart shaft assembly - Looks good.

Gearbox assembly - Input and output shafts with gears. All gears rotate and slide smoothly on shafts. Sprocket splines and thread seem OK. Signs of slight wear in a couple of places, but I'd suggest this set of gears could be installed and used satisfactorily as it is.

Assorted other small bits & pieces - Casing screws, gear selector pawls, output shaft sleeves, gear selector fork shafts etc. Most good, but some only suitable for patterns.

Price for all of the above together is $200. I may be inclined to split if there is enough interest, but I'd want to keep all the electrical parts together (but may sell one flywheel magneto assembly separate).

2. Yamaha WR200

This is a clutch cover from a WR200 (4BF) model. It also suits the DT200WR (3XP) model. It could also be fitted to the earlier DT200R (3ET-based) models, giving a choice of clutch actuation methods.
This sale is for the clutch cover only. The other parts shown will be included as a bonus at no extra charge if wanted. The buyer can choose to take or leave any or all of the bonus parts (e.g. leave unwanted parts to save on postage). These other parts all came from the same WR200 engine, but do not necessarily make the clutch cover 'complete'.
The clutch cover is in good condition, has been cleaned and can be used as it is, with no need for repair. All threads and gasket faces look good. It is bare, except for the needle roller bearing at the lower end of the passage for the clutch release shaft. The needle roller bearing seems to be in good condition and there should be no need to replace it. There are assorted scuffs and scratches on the dome (one which may possibly be described as a gouge), but none of this damage has been transferred to the inside.
The price for the clutch cover is $80.

For Sale / Assorted dead stock and project leftovers - have a look!
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:15:50 PM »
Most of these bits & pieces were either bought for projects and not used or came with job lots of parts I bought over the years and didn't need.

MCS brand handlebar riser clamps

I bought these nearly 15 years ago but never used them. For use with 7/8" (22.2mm) handlebars, producing a 20mm increase in height. I removed them from their original bag for inspection and measurement, but never fitted them. Aust$30.  EDIT: SOLD

Lusito brand clutch lever assemblies (2)

These came with a job lot of secondhand parts I bought in 1989 and I haven't been able to find a use for them. They are in good used condition, although one of the supports has been filed out (badly) to suit larger OD handlebars (these suit 7/8” 22.2mm handlebars as standard) - Aust$12 for the pair.

Assorted 56mm piston rings

Assorted piston rings to suit nominal 56mm bore – All of these rings are NOS genuine rings in original boxes. All rings have ends which close over the ring peg (i.e. not underneath the peg). Each box contains two chrome-faced rings, which appear identical. All rings are of flat/rectangular cross-section, except the Suzuki rings, which are keystone section. The width of each ring is nominally 2.3mm, which should suit ring grooves about 2.6mm deep. The stated model applications are for guidance only – please do your own research before committing! Aust$18 per box.

Yamaha 2K6-11601-00, YZ125E (1978), Teikoku manufacture, 1.0mm thick (2 sets)
Yamaha 2X3-11601-00, YZ125F (1979), Teikoku manufacture, 0.6mm thick (1 set)
Yamaha 3R3-11601-00, YZ125G (1980), Teikoku manufacture, 0.6mm thick (2 sets)

The 2X3 and 3R3 rings appear identical - I believe the 2X3 part number was superseded by the 3R3 part number for the 1979 YZ125F.

Kawasaki 13008-5045, KX125B1-B2 (1982-1983), Riken manufacture, 1.0mm thick (2 sets)

Suzuki 12140-28010-000, various TC/TS/DS/TF125 (1972-1981), also TM/RM125 (1973-1978), RV125, no manufacturer’s markings, 1.5mm thick (2 sets)

Zeta short brake lever

Model ZE41-3206 – fits bikes as shown on label and likely others. New in packet, metallic grey anodised finish - Aust$35.

Zeta short clutch lever

Model ZE42-3160 – fits bikes as shown on label and likely others. New in packet, metallic grey anodised finish - Aust$35.

Zeta bar clamp & lever assembly

Model ZE40-9211 with choke/decompression/hot start lever. New in packet, metallic grey anodised finish - Aust$25.

Zeta clutch lever assembly

Secondhand lever and support with auxiliary lever for choke/decompression/hot start etc. Good used condition, although the clutch lever may be very slightly bent (difficult to tell for sure). Sign of possible impact, but no cracks - can be used as is. I previously dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled before deciding to use something a little more ‘classic’ instead - Aust$40.

Suzuki RM250A 0.25mm oversize NOS piston and rings

Genuine NOS piston with two sets of matching rings (see photo for part numbers). Piston has some ‘shelf wear’ and seems as if it had a sticker on the skirt at some stage, but it should be no problem to use. I’m pretty sure I got the piston without a box, but it is a ‘genuine’ ART brand piston with the Suzuki trademark “S” cast inside. The matching rings come in original boxes (two rings in each box) - Aust$80 for the piston and two sets of rings.

Suzuki RM250A standard size NOS piston rings

Genuine NOS standard size pair of piston rings (12140-40010) in original box - $18.

Unknown tailpipe muffler

This is of the general type fitted to some early to mid 1970s motocross bikes (e.g. maybe early KX, YZ etc.), although I’ve no idea which actual bike this one came from (I'm also not sure whether it was previously an integral muffler which has been sawn off the tailpipe). The entry tube is 20mm ID and 25mm OD, leading to a straight-through perforated tube of the same ID (this ID would suggest an 80cc, 100cc or perhaps even a 125cc engine). There are mounts for two retaining springs. Overall length is about 155mm. There are a few small/shallow dents, but it is in generally good ‘solid’ condition - Aust$8.     SOLD

Unknown (Suzuki?) headlight stay

This came as a spare with my Suzuki PE250B and at first glance looks the same as the PE stays. However, the dimensions are slightly different. Of course, I only discovered this after it had been bead-blasted and powder-coated. It should suit a 35-36mm fork stanchion (ID of mounting rings is 39mm). The headlight pivot bolt hole is 8mm. The distance from the centre of the pivot bolt hole to the axis of the fork stanchion is about 85mm. Not used since being powder-coated, but has a few small marks from storage and moving - Aust$10.

Yamaha fork seals 22W-23145-L0

Genuine pair of Yamaha/KYB seals, new in packets. Dimensions 33-45-10.5. Suit assorted YZ80, TW200 and BW200 models (first used on 1983 YZ80K). Please do your own research into compatibility before committing! Aust$18 for the pair.

Suzuki DR500 rear wheel rim

I bought a whole DR500 rear wheel to get the hub assembly and don't need the rim. The rim looks ratty and has some superficial damage (scratches, scuffs, a few small gouges etc.) but is reasonably true and I can’t see any cracks. It may turn out OK if bead-blasted and painted or powder-coated. Otherwise, it would be ideal for replacing a broken rim on a bush-basher. Marked “JIS TAKASAGO J 18x2.15 DOT 102 JAPAN 1 81”. FREE if you collect it or pay the postage.

Suzuki rear brake cables for TM/TS250 and SP370/400

New genuine cables (58500-30000 and 58510-32400 respectively) bought for a custom application, but found unsuitable. Bags opened to take measurements, but cables never fitted. May also fit other models, but please do your own research before committing.
58500-30000 (TM/TS250) - Aust$45 58500-30000 SOLD
58510-32400 (SP370/400) - Aust$35

Inspection and collection welcome if you're in Sydney. Otherwise, I'll post the parts anywhere at cost. Payment by cash or by PayPal (if the buyer pays the charges), alternatively COD in Australia. Any questions, please ask.

Thanks & regards,

Yamaha / YZ, IT, TT rear axle dimensions
« on: April 09, 2018, 09:22:28 PM »
I'm trying to find out whether one of these rear axles will be of any use to me:

1W6-25381-00 - 1977-1980 IT250/400/425
2K8-25381-00 - 1978-1979 YZ250/400, 1979-1981 TT500

As far as I can tell, the two are practically identical, but the 1W6 axle has the pressed-in L-shaped "tag" so you only need one spanner to tighten or loosen the axle nut. If anyone has either of these types handy:

Is the shaft 17mm diameter?
What is the length of the shaft, including the thread (but not including the head)?
What is the length of the thread only?
What does the axle weigh?
Is the axle hollow?

If the dimensions suit my purpose, I'd be interested in buying one of these, so please let me know whether you have one available for sale!

Thanks & regards,

Wanted / Suzuki DR/SP 400/500 rear hub
« on: March 30, 2018, 12:08:34 AM »
Anyone got one of these spare? I really only need the hub shell (64110-37200), but will buy the whole assembly if you don't want to split...and the price is reasonable :) .

The same hub was used on 1980 DR400, 1981-83 DR500, 1981-83 SP500 and 1980-81 RS250, although none of the RS models came to Australia as far as I know. The DR400 and RS250 used a different sprocket carrier to the 500s, but that doesn't matter much to me if I am buying the assembly.

Please let me know what you've got!

Thanks & regards,

Suzuki / 1978-onwards RM/PE250 lower fork yokes
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:21:19 PM »
From 1978, lower fork yokes for RM and PE250s were supplied with integral steering columns. Is it possible to press the steering column out of the yoke and later reinstall it without damaging anything?

I can't tell by inspection whether the (supposedly) 1978 lower yoke I've got has the steering column pressed in or cast in...I don't want to scrap the assembly by trying to do the impossible!

Thanks & regards,

Suzuki / Anyone want two 1969 TS250s...?
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:24:49 PM »
I came across these (well, one of them) during a visit to a wrecker recently. I'm not sure how rare they are, but it was the first time I had actually seen one in the flesh (or metal at least ;D ). A quick check of Ebay revealed quite a few NOS parts available from USA. One bike is missing a flywheel rotor, but I must have seen at least five of these on offer on Ebay!

The wrecker (Mark Collins of The Motorcycle Wreckers, North Richmond, NSW) has two bikes; one at the shop and one at home. Each one is missing a few smaller parts. I was tempted, but decided that I already have too many projects and not enough space. I have no financial interest in these bikes, but am happy to recommend Mark as a helpful guy with reasonable prices and a fair amount of stock from 70s and 80s off-road bikes. Asking price for the TS250s is $1000 for both ($500 each).

I took a few photos of the bike he had at the shop and he sent me a couple more of the one he has at home. I'd be happy to pass these on to anyone interested by e-mail, or you can contact Mark directly. This is a link to the Suzuki section of his website, where you can see one photo of each bike:


Suzuki / Compatibility of early RM and PE expansion chambers - 250cc models
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:30:23 PM »
Can anyone advise whether an RM250A, B and/or C model expansion chamber can be fitted to a PE250B, C or N model without modification to mounting points?

I am fairly certain that silencer mounting points are different, but always thought that the three mounting points for the main chamber portion (i.e. cylinder stub manifold, right-hand front frame lug and left-hand rear frame lug) were in the same relative positions for all these early RM and PE models.

Since I lack enough parts to try out the theory for myself, I am hoping someone has already investigated and can advise accordingly 8) .

Thanks & regards,

Wanted / RM125, 250 or 400 fork yoke set...
« on: November 28, 2017, 03:45:25 PM »
Thanks to info from Leith C, I have discovered what I really want - a set of fork yokes as originally fitted to these RM models:

1978 RM125C
1978 and-a-half RM250C2
1978 RM400C

I could probably get away with just the top yoke, including the handlebar clamps and rubber mounting assemblies. However, I'm willing to also take the bottom yoke and steering column. All the original fasteners would be of advantage, but not necessarily essential. I'd prefer complete in good usable condition, but beggars can't be choosers, so let me know what you've got :) !

I did find a couple of reasonably-priced sets on Ebay in the USA, but the postage costs more than the parts (thanks no doubt to Ebay's "postage partner" Pitney Bowes - easy for the seller, costly for the buyer), so I'd prefer to treat those as a last resort.
I'm in Sydney, so could collect if close by. Otherwise, I'll pay whatever the postage costs.

Thanks & regards,

Yamaha / Dimensions of yokes for Yamahas with 36mm forks...?
« on: November 27, 2017, 07:29:54 PM »
I am looking for some dimensions of fork yokes from any Yamahas originally equipped with 36mm forks. My basic requirement is that the fork legs should be able to pass up through the top yoke without hitting the handlebar. Possible candidates so far include:

IT (all models except 125) - 1977 to 1980
YZ125 - 1977 to 1980

As far as I am aware, the above IT and YZ models all use practically identical yokes (after 1977, I believe the bottom yoke and steering column was supplied as one piece), but there are other Yamahas originally equipped with 36mm forks for which it may be handy to know details, particularly late 70s and early 80s TT and XT models.

For any set of 36mm yokes, I am looking for the following info:

1. Will the fork leg(s) pass up through the top yoke without hitting the handlebar?
2. If so, what is the distance between fork leg centres?
3. What is the offset (i.e. the perpendicular distance between the centre of the steering column and a straight line drawn through the fork leg centres)?
4. What is the inside diameter of the hole in the top yoke for the steering column?

I may have to modify positions of steering stops and make other minor adjustments to suit my application, but any basic info is welcome. If you are able to provide any details, please let me know the model and year of manufacture (if you know it) of the yokes you have measured, just in case there are any differences between models.

Mark Boddy has helpfully supplied dimensions for the 1977-1980 IT model yokes, but I'd be glad to know whether any of the TT or XT models have yokes which may be more suitable. If anyone can suggest any additional models from which suitable yokes may be sourced, please let me know!

Thanks in advance & regards,

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