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Wanted / Re: YAMAHA XT 200 Rear hub and brake plate
« on: January 06, 2021, 10:36:02 PM »
FB link mightn't work because it's a closed group?

There's another one that is more complete, also on FB, located in Victoria for $550:

Hi Tex,

I think you are right about closed group, everytime I click on link it asks me to sign up and I don't want too! So I am still looking?

Thanks again

Wanted / Re: YAMAHA XT 200 Rear hub and brake plate
« on: December 28, 2020, 09:07:49 AM »
Hi Tex,
Thanks for the tip but link is not working for me:
There's an XT200 roller for sale on FB for $150, located in Qld. It looks to have the parts you want. soandsoishavingfordinner.everytningyoudon'tneedtoknowinbucketfulls/545985478744892/permalink/3927682033908536/?sale_post_id=3927682033908536

XT225 does look to be similar, but I couldn't say for sure.

So I think you are right with regards to XT225 looking similar and I am still looking for rear hub and brakeplate!

Wanted / YAMAHA XT 200 Rear hub and brake plate
« on: December 19, 2020, 09:37:45 AM »
Hi All,

As per title, I am chasing a rear hub and brake plate? Not sure but I think XT 125 and XT 225 are the same, can anyone confirm please? Or if any other models are the same?

Thanks in advance

Competition / Re: 2021 MoMS
« on: December 09, 2020, 08:29:51 AM »
Hi All,
The fact in your example is that you'd be modifying a disc brake swingarm to accept drum brakes which is outside the rules, just like you can't modify a set of disc brake forks to accept drum brakes. Go, ahead & build the Sexmax & let's see where it goes.
After following this thread since the start as I find rule interpretation fascinating, I just want to say that I am sitting on the fence and have no agenda at all. However curiosity gets the better of me and I am now wondering what exactly is a SEXMAX?

Is it a Myth?

Is it something that only comes up around campfires?

Has anyone actually seen one?

Is it an acronym?

Is it a pseudinym?

Is it something that has existed before?

Will they go into production?

Is it going to be readily available?

Is anyone else getting one?

Just asking because I think I want one?

Do we get a choice of colours?

Will I look good on one?

For Sale / Re: Suzuki RL250 parts for sale
« on: November 24, 2020, 09:20:15 AM »
Hi Gibbsy,

You have a PM!

« on: July 07, 2020, 08:21:57 PM »
Hi Everyone,

As title states,  I am chasing a rear shock for 1991 single cam, the long one that goes under the tank? A good Second hand  one  would be fine as it is a bit of a Dungar!

Open to options

Thanks in advance

0428 789854

General Discussion / Re: Corona Virus
« on: April 17, 2020, 08:08:07 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Well said Pokey, I couldn't agree more with what you have just said!

Just my opinion but the first thing we need to do is send the Pandas back to China, correct me if I am wrong but it used to be $1 000 000 per year per Panda! When you add the 3 off them together in a deal where surprise surprise we CAN NOT OWN THEM! Just doing simple maths over the years that we have had them, it would reduce our foreign debt/ deficit substantially!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Pandas and they must be great for tourism, but if we are not having anyone visit our Great Country, we simply CAN NOT AFFORD THEM! Like you said we need someone with BALLS and stop doing these deals that are not good for us! Can't we video them before they go back and have a virtual display?

OK, someone else's turn on the Soap box.

Tech Talk / Re: Bearing grades
« on: February 13, 2020, 03:02:38 PM »
Hi All,
The engines I built (EML Jumbo 820 ) I used C4 . Actually I bought the much cheaper standard version from SKF  to begin with  and then ground them to C4  clearance .
That is interesting and makes me wonder if I was thinking about it the right way, I thought the extra clearance was between the balls and inner/outer races? Do you mean the clearance is between the shaft and inner race, outer race and casing or what did you grind?

General Discussion / Re: ‘70’s trials bike rego
« on: November 30, 2019, 10:51:51 AM »
Hi All.
Ok - a “D” it was, and immaculate. One of the bikes I regret selling most.....

I’ll see if I can get any sense out of the local motor registery (QLD)
Rego will make it a lot easier to ride.

We are open to all brands/models.
I found an ‘84 Honda 200, which would likely be the “best” “riding bike” for our needs, but it has to be ‘70’s apparently. A strong preference for 1974 - so it’s birthday coincides with hers....

Hey - I’m happy she want’s to buy and ride  a vintage dirt bike!!
Aha, bottom to top, I can so relate to your statement as my Lady rides regularly with me, sometimes on old bikes and sometimes on her SHERCO! All 1974 Trials models are pre compliance but limits you to TL 125, TY  250 A and if you are not biased RL 250, pretty sure there is such a thing as 1974 Kawasaki KT
250 but they are rarer than RL 250. 

That is if you are limited to Japanese. Spanish bikes are very nice and Sherpa T can be registered, my 198 1978 has a compliance plate. Not sure about Montesa 247 or OSSA MAR?

Honda, I assume TLR  200 is a great bike were never sold through local dealers, only the later TLR  250 and none had a compliance plate.

We have all sold a TY and regretted it, the only cure is to buy another............................!

General Discussion / Re: ‘70’s trials bike rego
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:27:09 PM »
Hi All,
Thanks for the info.

I had a TY250. I think it was an “E”? (Blue alloy tank) I think it was the last of them.
I rode it around in the ‘80’s.
Full road rego in NSW. Speedo on the fork leg, no blinkers. From vague memory I thought it had a compliance plate.

Are you saying any bike built before 1975 doesn’t need a compliance plate?
With a silencer and lights I could get a ‘73 CR250 Elsinore registered!?!? Ha ha!
TY 250 E had a black motor, white tank with red highlighted blue/ purple blocks in a curved stripe on the tank and is quite a rare bike! B, C, D and E all had aluminum tanks. If yours was SKY(pig) blue, then it was a D model and if it had a compliance plate, it was most likely Dodgy!

As for pre 1975 bikes not needing a compliance plate, that is absolutely true, getting it registered might be a different matter? What you can get registered I am not sure,  someone else on here is most likely better to answer your question?

Are you limited to Yamaha and Honda? As I have a Suzuki RL  250 with compliance so they do exist.

General Discussion / Re: ‘70’s trials bike rego
« on: November 29, 2019, 06:09:44 PM »
Hi All,

Looking at acquiring a TY175, TY250, TL125, or TL250.

Leaning towards the Yamaha’s, as there just isn’t enough 2 stroke in my life, but a TL125 would fit the bill. (Anyone know how much heavier the TL250 is?)

For our use - intro to off-road/trials for my girlfriend, we need road rego.

Can anyone confirm which of the named can be registered (in QLD if it makes any difference).

I know the TY250 can be, I used to ride one to work.

Any insight into rego, or the models mentioned would be appreciated.
You have pretty much listed them lightest to heaviest.

TY  175 JC or the later JE will be the easiest to rego as they have a compliance plate. TL125 S, the later 1976 model will have a compliance plate as well but earlier TL125 does not. They are pre 1975 so should not need a plate but may be more complicated to rego without a plate? TY 250 A is pre 1975 but no compliance plate, all later B, C, D, and E models are after 1975 or there abouts onwards and no compliance plate. TL 250 has no compliance plate either and I am not sure if there such a thing as pre 1975 TL 250? You guessed it, there is no Compliance Plate! Honda stated 99 kilos but somehow managed to give you bonus Kilograms, I personally think they were trying to avoid triple digits like most of us!

None of mine have rego but I have an example of each (in fairly original condition) that you have mentioned .

Hope this helps?


General Discussion / Re: Looking for a bargain up to $5K.
« on: September 11, 2019, 12:11:52 PM »
Hi John,

$5000 will buy you a nice Trials bike in any flavor or colour you like!

If you want to buy a Post Classic bike they even come in Tahition_Red!

Or if you want to go modern, then the riding is easier but something tells me you like a challenge?

Trials needs more people like you .........

I'd love a trials bike but some of the things you guys ride over scares me  :-)  I have convinced myself that more speed in the forward direction softens the impact in the downward direction :-)
Aha, a common misconception!

Your statement should read "impacts or multiple impacts!"(-;

Trials is only as hard as you make it, if you are hurting yourself you are in the wrong class "or" you are thinking about it all wrong!

Observed Trials is a thinking persons sport and I read you as a thinker.......

General Discussion / Re: Looking for a bargain up to $5K.
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:28:41 AM »
Hi John,

$5000 will buy you a nice Trials bike in any flavor or colour you like!

If you want to buy a Post Classic bike they even come in Tahition_Red!

Or if you want to go modern, then the riding is easier but something tells me you like a challenge?

Trials needs more people like you .........

Twinshock Trials / Re: Attempting to build a trials CT110 with grandkids
« on: February 04, 2019, 09:10:41 AM »
Hi Everyone,
I'm getting close to finishing a '82 CT110 as a commuter.
In the process, a lot of parts are left over and the grandkids have developed a big interest in trials bike riding. They are riding dirt bikes VERY competently and confidently already.
So when I came across a few pics of CT90 and CT110 trials builds, the penny dropped. The grandkids are very excited to be able to work with me building this.
This is the kind of thing we are going to aim at - or improve on:

Just my opinion but I think you are an excellent Grandparent! Trials will teach them a whole range of life skills and when they are a little more mature, they will be very grateful!

Are there any Professional Riders/Racers that have a background in Trials?

Wanted / KX 250 Clutch Cover
« on: December 12, 2018, 09:27:13 PM »
Hi Everyone,

As title suggests, I am chasing a clutch cover to suit a 1975 model and I am told 1974 to 1979 is the same? Can anyone confirm or better still has anyone got a spare?

Thanks in advance


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