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Title: Dean Ferrris Injured
Post by: skypig on August 09, 2020, 09:32:40 PM
I rode at the “Ride Park Day” held at Green Park, Conondale, QLD today.
The sad news was doing the rounds that Dean had had a big crash and was airlifted out the previous afternoon. (I was entered Saturday as well, but numerous little “issues” saw me turn around before I arrived.)

Reports are: Broken ribs and vertebra. Condition “Stable but serious”.

Hoping for the best outcome possible.
Title: Re: Dean Ferrris Injured
Post by: skypig on August 14, 2020, 08:06:19 PM
Good news update.


Kevin Williams – Business Development Manager for Raceline Performance

“Dean has a long road ahead of him in regards to recovery but I am very pleased to report the surgery was successful and there have been no further complications from the back injury. Dean has been able to get out of bed under his own power and walk around a little since surgery was completed and all reports are that he will make a full recovery. I know the question everyone wants to ask is when will Dean be back on the bike? At this stage it is early days, but with Dean’s championship mindset I know he will dedicate himself to rehabilitation and his recovery to ensure he is ready for a return to riding as soon as possible. We are optimistically anticipating a six to eight month recovery period before the injuries are stable enough to begin riding again.”