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Title: anyone seen these?
Post by: mainline on August 30, 2012, 06:23:02 PM
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: Tony T on August 30, 2012, 06:52:27 PM
Never actually seen one, but I love the idea.
Kids can bum around pretty much in any backyard and get hooked on bikes without pissing the neighbours off. 
Plus thre more electric vehicles that are in use means the more fossil fuels for me.......  :D
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: TT5 Matt on August 30, 2012, 07:16:51 PM
make your own from a ct200 electric start agi bike with centriugal clutch into a tl125 roller and it will have plenty of grunt
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: tony27 on August 30, 2012, 07:58:38 PM
That looks like a rebadged oset trials bike, they've been on the market for a number of years & have given quite a number of riders their start

Gas Gas makes a 50 with a centrifugal clutch, it's actually a major handicap when trying to ride anything remotely trials like as the only way to get any drive is to rev the tits off the motor which doesn't work when you're trying to use correct technique
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: David Lahey on August 31, 2012, 09:15:31 AM
There are three brands of kids electric trials bikes. The OSET came out in 2007. We bought the first OSET 16 in Australia and my kid enjoyed wearing it out for the following few years. OSET have improved their bikes a lot since then and there are now two other brands have recently joined the market - Gas Gas and Mecatecno. The GasGas and Mecatecno appear to be the same bike with different graphics.

My kid now rides the GasGas 50 with the centrifugal clutch and for some reason his model year came with the same clutch spring settings used for when that motor is used in a kid's MX bike. It's a simple fix to remove two of the four springs on the centrifugal clutch and it engages at much lower RPM. There are a few other things that tidy up the performance of the GG50 if anyone has one they are having trouble with.

I love the electric kids bikes though and if there was one made that went as well as the GG50 does, we would get it. My kid will soon be test-riding the newly released OSET 20. It is 48V, has 20" (OD) wheels and much improved suspension.
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: David Lahey on August 31, 2012, 02:04:33 PM
The GG50 is the same wheelbase and wheel size as a small-wheel TY80, but about 10kg lighter than the TY80.
The GG suspension works for a very wide range of rider weights (I'm 95 kg and it doesn't bottom out unless I do something silly) and my son is 30kg and it works well for him too. As far as rider size goes though, it is pretty cramped for me (5' 10") to ride.
If your son is full-sized then the suggestion by TT5 Matt of an auto-clutch Honda motor in a TL125 is very sensible. The TL125 has the advantage of being good to ride sitting down too.
Another bike that may be good for your son is the Yamaha TTR90. It has elec start and an auto clutch and is dimensionally midway between the GG50 and the TL125. Two kids in my local trials club have used a TTR90 until big enough for a 125 trials bike and they seemed to go OK on it.
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: David Lahey on August 31, 2012, 02:47:05 PM
If a TTR90 is too small, a GasGas 50 will be way too small.
The suggestion previously made was to fit a Honda centrifugal-clutch motor to a Honda TL125 trials bike. The TL125 is a full-sized frame, and the centrifugal clutch motor is very docile, and will fit with a minimum of work.
A TY175 in standard trim is incredibly docile, but has a manual clutch.
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: David Lahey on August 31, 2012, 08:45:27 PM
To ship a bike (Trials) from UK will cost 1067 pounds, they say its best and cheaper to ship to bikes in one crate, I am looking at a bike
at the moment. ???
Do you mean you are thinking of importing a TY175 from the UK?
Title: Re: anyone seen these?
Post by: TT5 Matt on August 31, 2012, 09:09:19 PM
 hi Grey Ghost
the bike i was susgesting you make up is a tl125 honda trials bike with a ct200 eletric start agi bike motor in it,they have a auto clutch in them which would be ideal for your son.the carb/exhaust/engine mounts should all line up for a easy engine swap and if you buy the ct200 complete you can swap the full wiring harness over as well. the left over tl125 motor could go into the ct200 roller if you wanted another bike to ride,feel free to ask me more questions if you want to know more.